May 4, 2013

For music lovers, a festival is the epitome of a memorable musical experience one can have, which is why we at Urban show so much love for them.

We’ve showed you what festival’s greatest moments have brought us…allow us to bring you the opposite . From annoying habits to cringe-worthy performances, we get some things off our chest, and the Internet, to bring you some of the worst moments in festival history.

After reading ours, hit the comments below to share yours!


You’ve been there: walking around the site, and hearsay begins to spread about Daft Punk taking off their robot helmets to “just the two of us” or Mumford & Sons trying out their new experimental trap-influenced music to 30,000+ people. As the years go on, the rumours get more outrageous and if you’re gullible enough to believe them you’re even more heartbroken when they don’t happen.


Daphne & Celeste at Reading Festival

From 50 Cent to Meatloaf, you can’t deny the strong tradition of bottle throwing at Reading Festival, but it doesn’t get any worse as this one.

We never found out what it was to “stick” someone, but the shamefully infectious duo that was Daphne & Celeste told us to, and mum and dad, through live performance. But on this day it was them who were given the sticking (is that how you use it?). Thumbs up to the girls for powering through their number, but anyone who follows up with a track telling us we ain’ got no alibi and how ugly we are, plus a t-shirt which reads “Who the f*ck is Eminem?” is asking for the bottles.

Hole, Reading 1994

Brilliant and awkward at the same damn time, this performance was just 4 months after the death of Kurt Cobain. There’s uncomfortable moments throughout, which make such situations never easy to watch.


Dubbed the worst festival ever, Z008 Festival at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent had its first and last round in the summer of 2008. A snowball effect of acts dropping out for not being paid, unsafe tents, failing to provide any drinking water and insufficient number of toilets were just some of the issues raised.



And we use that term loosely. This applies to any festival from the year when phones stopped having interchangeable covers or aerials.

Really? You’re going to film this whole performance on your tablet? It’s cool. We paid all this money just to watch through your 10inch screen display anyway.

The Wombles, Glastonbury 2011

The confusion with The Wombles playing at Glastonbury not only lies in the obvious, but how they were able to play so well in those outfits!

Don’t knock the furry gang from Wimbledon – back in the 70’s their music topped the charts for weeks on end, as well as one of the members being kicked out for marijuana possession in the same year, thus boosting their rock-n-roll cred. Over 30 years later, they play to an impressed crowd. Dammit, why didn’t they book them to headline!

Late performers

Never in the history of gigs has a band ever said “Hi guys, sorry we’re running a bit early” – so we understand – being fashionably late has been the coolest form of disrespect since the beginning of time. But there’s a line of time, a time line even, that shouldn’t be crossed, especially at festivals where time is as precious as instant noodles.


So music people, if you’re 45 minutes late and we’re only hearing “Hello (insert city/festival name here)” it’s too late – we’re tired, we’re hungry, missed the slot for another act on another stage and need to go toilet like…really badly.

Dizzee Rascal, Big Day Out, 2010

We know there’s a lot of footage out there of musicians jumping into the crowd to “address” an object being thrown onstage but this is one of the very happen which occurred at a festival.

At Big Day Out 2010 in Sydney just after being hit in the head with a deodorant can, Raskit went from standing in disbelief with a shock stare to super launch mode by leaping into the crowd only to be held back by security. Imagine how much better it would’ve been if he yelled out “Oiiii” like at the start of ‘Fix Up. Look Sharp’ before jumping in?

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