June 5, 2013

Music videos, what an invention! Timeless classics ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith and Run DMC or Micheal Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ will stand the test of time in modern day culture. But somewhere down the line between the experimental 70s, the MTV 80′s, and whatever the hell the 90′s were, some seriously weird video footage has somehow made its onto our TV screens.

This isn’t about those typical videos we’ve all seen a million times! The following videos are trippy, delusional and, well, somewhat iconic. No but seriously…



F-F-F-F-First up we have SoundGarden’s Black Hole Sun. Yeah we know, an iconic tune in context of 90s grunge. But come on, that’s one freaky-ass video.

Next, Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie. Don’t get us wrong, we have strong love for Bowie, but this video is a 4 minute trip.

We found this on Youtube simply titled “Worst music video ever”. It’s Swedish and features some horrendous green screen dance routines.

We’d be fools not to put Aphex Twin’s Come to Daddy in here. Genius electronic producer/music video mind bender.

Next up Hot Chip, err, Devo with Whip It. Yup, it’s all about whipping.

The Hof is apparently hooked on a feeling. We have our suspicions he’s more than likely hooked on rope in front of a green screen.

The Dagger Brothers, Bristol’s finest pop duo, no seriously, this song is insanely addictive. But throughout this slow motion jogging oddity you’ll likely notice he’s singing about waking up in Iceland, drunk, in the wine aisle.

Frank Zappa will be forever notorious for his strange and progressive music, this video simply follows suit. Your are what you is…

Primus. Not safe for cowboy loving children…

Last and not by any means least, our weird music video adventure ends with Zanzibar Chanel. The new and soon to be HUGE (well at least we think so) Australian house duo.