June 7, 2013

See that video up top there? That’s what went down at our adidas x UO print workshop party a couple of weeks back in our Manchester store. DJ’s, drinks, print-screens and good looking people joining up to make some mad fun.

It all was all about celebrating the new adidas originals SS13 blue collection you see, and to take the party up a notch, adidas sent two print-screen artists to show some us how to knock up their own personal art. The talented two go by the name Hugo Toland and Scott Bulloch, both part of Hit + Run – the largest live print workshop crew this side of the west.


As if all their p/arty shenanigans weren’t enough, we hit up Scott to find out what being a print-screen artist is all about.

UO: Hello Scott! Where are you right now?

SB: I’m in Auckland, New Zealand, about to drive down to Lake Taupo and see my family.

UO: Tell us a little about yourself…

SB: I’m an audio freak at heart, on a mission to hear and explore new sounds. My work life has been around music technology over the last 20 years – marketing and product development.


UO: Tell us how you got into the screen-printing game…

SB: I met Brandy and the Hit+Run crew 3-4 years ago at an event we ran together at a San Francisco festival.

At the time I was running marketing for a DJ software company, we had people wanting our brand on a T-shirt, but we didn’t just want a naff logo T-shirt out there. Over two days, festivalgoers queued for these cool T-shirts that the Hit+Run crew were making live, each one an individual interpretation of our brand. I was blown away… I was a convert … I had to be in the crew!

I moved to London last year, now I help out with business development for Hit+Run Europe.


UO: The Hit and Run crew is a worldwide collective, do you get to travel to awesome places?

SB: Being from NZ and working in London is a recipe for travel for me, I’ve been clocking up the miles. I love visiting the Crew in the home base of LA the most; it’s always inspiring, crazy and eye opening.

Coming to the UK has been a highlight for me this past year, becoming part of the crew that Hugo and Brandy put together 3 years ago in London – seeing my favourite artist get exposure all over the planet.

UO: An alien lands on earth outside your house, knocks on the door, and before any kind of freak out or hello asks, “What the hell is screen printing?” What do you say?

SB: I’m still gobsmacked, there’s an Alien at my door!! WHAT!


UO: Live printing must be tricky sometimes, how do you keep creative inspiration going on the spot?

SB: Hugo and the crew often print some great examples of what can be achieved with the designs we are using at the event. We also like to dance and groove around a lot, that helps!

UO: Do you have any party tricks?

SB: Used to be stamina, I have a good rep for that.

UO: What advice would you give to the beginner printer out there?

SB: Practice, try new things, print as much as you can for your mates.


UO: Hypothetical situation. We commission you to design a print that sums up your personality. You can only use two colours and one word, but any images you like. What would it involve?

SB: Oh shit, really? I need help on this one!

UO: Who would be your dream person to design a print for? (Bearing in mind they would hang it pride of place in their home)…

SB: My kids, all 5 of them are my dream people.

UO: What do you like to do when not getting a print on?

SB: Find new tunes, eat good food, banter.

UO: Tell us a joke…

SB: Oh man. Nah…


Nice one!

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