June 19, 2013

Now then, let’s be purrfectly honest here, cats have pretty much taken over the internet! But why?!

Well for one they’re dead cute, that’s a given. Two, they do a whole load of funny shiz. Three, they make a damn good meme for almost any emotion. And four, they do all of the above with some fierce feline nonchalance. What’s not to love?

In a hundred years or so society will look back and wonder what on earth we were up to. Or an even scarier thought, cats will rule the world! Just imagine it, Tiger the tabby sipping down a saucer of milk in the White House, working hard on legalising catnip around the world.

We’re not ashamed to admit we love a bit of cat action here at Urban Outfitters, so much so we’ve made them our little mascot for our fur-king huge sale kicking off right now. Call us Purrban Outfitters if you will, and then click the image below to grab up to 50% off some slammin’ summer garms.


We’ve hopefully got you in the cat vibe by now? So here’s an hour or fews worth of video footage proving why our feline friends are so great…

Next week…Pugs! We’re joking (or are we?)