June 16, 2013

With festival season in full swing, we’re all presented with one underlying problem… what the hell should we wear?!

It’s a tricky situation for sure. Will it rain? Is there mud? What if the sun actually appears? Well lucky for all we’ve been in touch with Louisahhh!!! (the Los Angeles DJ, singer, and electronic music collaborator ) to find out what she’ll be wearing at up and coming Paris festival “The Peacock Society”.

Check out all her festival fashion picks right HERE


The Peacock Society kicks off at the Paris Parc Floral on the 12th -13th July. Two stages over two days and a killer line up including Brodisnki, Hot Natured and TEED. Keep your ears open for news about out our official partnership with The Peacock Society, along with ticket competitions and other prizes coming real soon.


Louisahhh!!! has one hell of a musical repertoire. Not only a well-respected DJ in the deep house and techno game, but also known for her smooth vocals in collaborations with the likes of Bromance and Senor Stereo. No doubt this LA lady knows a thing or two about festivals, so we thought we’d get in touch and find out the inspiration behind her festival outfit.

UO: Hello Louisahhh!!! Where are you right now?

LH: I’m on a train to Charles de Gaulle airport, just off another train from Basel, Switzerland. Jet setting, but like a hobo.

UO: So you’ve been picking some Urban bits which you think would go down well at a festival. Tell us, what kind of outfit do you like to wear when getting your party on…

LH: It really depends on the party, but for festivals, you know it is it’s probably going to be a hot day which turns into a cool night, mostly outside – very non-stop. You want stuff that you feel confident in, that’s low maintenance and versatile. It’s the trenches of partying; dress like you’re going to a rave war.


UO: You’re due to play The Peacock Society Festival in France, whatcha gonna’ do to get the crowd dancing all crazy?

 LH: I am so excited to be a part of the lineup, so many of my heroes and friends are playing! Big stages can be intimidating because I feel very far away from the audience, but if I go in with the attitude that I am merely a channel for music that I love, the fear is washed out of me by the strength of the beat. I plan on playing some new original material that I am very excited about; this also feels like good ammunition.

UO: You’re a DJ, vocalist, collaborator and jack-of-all-trades, but which one is your favourite to be?

 LH: I really love them all. I try not to define what I do by the specific action, but by how I do it. Does it have integrity? Is it loving? Is it honest? Is it challenging? If I can say yes, be it singing ,writing, DJing, or working with others, I honestly can say that I am thrilled to be doing it.

UO: A stranger approaches you on the street and asks you to name one song that defines the kind of person you are. What is that song?

LH: Ooooh, tough question! Recently I’ve been very inspired by I-F. He has a seminal track called ‘Space Invaders are Smoking Grass’ that kind of defined the break between electro and post-Italo and IDM that is really perfect. It’s kind of sad, too. This mournful, futuristic, beautiful music is how I would want to be heard today…if I were a song. I always get a lot of heavy feelings whilst riding trains, maybe that’s why this is my answer.


UO: Seems like your musical talents have let you travel somewhat, where’s your favourite place to be away from home?

LH: Oh, wow… It’s been 6 countries in the last 5 days; I don’t even know what my name is. Ha, the concept of ‘home’ feels very slippery right now; I think I have surrendered it in exchange for this life; it’s a good trade.

UO: Deep House and New Techno are hot on the scene at the moment. Tell us what you love about these genres…

LH: Hmm…I like the ecstatic, ferocious energy that techno holds, has always held. It’s nice to see younger people getting into it in new guises; I like to think Bromance has something to do with it. I am a bit ‘over’ deep house because it’s been raped by boring, loopy, cookie-cutter tracks, much like ‘tech house’ in 2010. However, when deep house is good, it’s really cool to see people actually dance together, get intimate as a crowd – as opposed to the DJ-as-Rockstar phenomenon, where everyone just faces forward.

UO: What advice would you give to the new generation of artists making their way into the electronic music scene?

 LH: Dig for your personal musical identity and history, don’t let all of your inspiration come from what everyone else is doing right now. Also, remember, this is a service industry; it’s about the art, not the artist.


UO: There’s some sort of curious debate kicking off about “shuffling” at the moment (you know that dance people like to do, throwing shapes…). What are your thoughts? Cool or not?

LH: HAHAHAHAH EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLING. I actually have no idea what you’re talking about. If it makes you happy, who cares if it’s cool?

 UO: What do you like to do when you’re not banging out big tunes?

LH: I love to run and workout, I need it to take the edge off my anxiety.

Also, I left my horse back in LA (there is a little girl taking care of him for me), but he’s the best, the love of my young life. I just want to hang out with him! I miss him so much.

UO: Tell us a funny quote…

LH: Mike Gesaffelstein just got a really beautiful brown suede jacket, and Louis has been calling him ‘Cowboyffelstien’, to his great annoyance. This is endlessly amusing.


Well thanks Louisahhh!!! Now check out our Spotify festival playlist, freshly updated by the gang at The Peacock Society…