June 27, 2013

Here at Urban Outfitters we’re bloomin’ packed full of talented individuals. Artists, writers, skaters, and photographers – the list is endless. What’s more, you can find them all working in our stores! Pop in and say hello, you’re bound to find someone interesting to chat to whilst getting your shop on.

One such talent is Juule Kay, sales assistant at UO Nurnberg and writer /photographer of popular fashion blog A Pretty Pass. When we heard about Juule and her passion for fashion, we knew she was just the gal to hit us some tips for festival style inspiration. Just check out this photo shoot, she sure knows how to pick an outfit with all our Urban Garms…


UO: Hey Juule! How long ago did you start your blog?

JK: I started my blog aprettypass about two years ago. At first it was just for fun, I never thought I would gain so many followers, but I believed in myself and just fed my readers with pretty much everything that inspired me.

UO: Why start up a blog – what made you do it?

JK: Honestly, it was a knee-jerk reaction! I started reading some blogs and somehow I had this strong feeling to create one myself. I wanted to inspire other people the same way blogs inspired me. It’s such a great feeling to inspire people from all over the world!


UO: Who takes your pictures?

JK: I took most of them myself. My passion for photography started when I was 8, always stealing the family Kodak camera from my mother – I even took it to bed! I bought my first reflex camera when I was 14 and that’s when I began to really have fun. My boyfriend and friends often helped me shoot outside ‘cause I would look really weird posing in front of my Stativ in the city.


UO: You have awesome style – what’s your inspiration?

JK: Thanks so much! I can find inspiration from almost anything . It can be an old building with impressive architecture or people around the street. Also travelling, new cultures, magazines, blogs, and books, especially Oscar Wilde! The Internet is full of inspiration but sometimes you should just step outside and be inspired by the people around you. My trip to London some weeks ago was a real inspiration overload; I can’t put it in words!

UO: Hit us up with some top style tips…

JK: Just one – feel comfortable in what you are wearing! It was a huge journey finding “me and my own style” with a lot of weird looks from strangers, but over time you don’t notice them anymore. Ah and don’t forget: always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn!


UO: What’s your favourite Urban brand?

JK: I can’t get enough of shoes from Deena & Ozzy. I bought some glitter heels and can’t take them off!

UO: Why do you love them?

JK: It’s different, refreshing and dreamy.

UO: Do you have a favourite accessory?

JK: RINGS! I am absolutely addicted to them. I have more rings on my hand than fingers. But my passion for collar tips is growing fast as well!


UO: Do you have any hidden talents?

JK: I learned to dance my name, that’s pretty cool. Oh and I’m pretty good at doing handstands, what a talent, right?

UO: What are your dreams for the future?

JK: I really want to gain foothold in the fashion industry. Somehow I would love to study fashion journalism but I can also imagine working as a buyer or stylist. You never know where your path will lead you, isn’t that the most interesting thing in life?

UO: What’s the best thing about working for Urban?

JK: The atmosphere and music!


Perfect! Click the image below and get shopping the Urban festival collections…