July 18, 2013

Party people are you ready? The UO Camden launch party is on its way! Now we’ve already shared the history of our new store, plus some advice on where to hang. Now we introduce you to the man behind the decks that’ll be banging out solid tunes all night long.

Meet Peckham DJ, Boiler Rooms MC, vinyl junkie and lover of the sunshine Bradley Zero. We had a chat about what vinyl he’ll be dropping to get ya’ll in the party mood.


UO: Hey Bradley! Where are you hanging right now?

BZ: I’m in the kitchen, with all the windows open, trying to get as much of this glorious sunshine as possible while keeping up with work!

UO: So you’re all set to play our Camden Launch Party, what’s the track list looking like?

BZ: Well it’s just me for four hours so it’s not something I can plan for track by track (and I would avoid doing this anyway). I’ll be bringing two or three bags of records that sound good in the sun. Sunshine music if you will!

UO: Any party tricks you’ll be bringing to the table?

BZ: I’ve been known to sing along if the mood takes me. I hope there’s a microphone.

UO: We’ve heard you’re a strictly vinyl kind of guy – do you have a strong collection of records?

BZ: Yes, It’s slowly taking over my house! First my bedroom, now the lounge, it’s even edging into the corridor. I haven’t counted them but there’s a few thousand. Buying records is a real joy to me but sometimes it’s also like dealing with an addiction. If something’s good I have to buy it; the rent can wait.

UO: Any rare finds? Something other DJs would give an arm for?

BZ: Yes! I’ve been lucky to be given a number of test pressings and promos that are very rare, and I occasionally splash out on rare records from the 60s/70s that carry quite a price tag. Also, some of the early Night Slugs white labels I picked up for £5 a few years ago are fetching a decent amount, but the price does go up and down as tastes and trends change.

I also have the full compliment of Ruf Kutz, courtesy of Ruf Dug himself. All of them together, in good condition, could finance a small revolution. (And worth every penny).


UO: What tracks are your favourite to spin at the moment?

BZ: There’s nothing better than playing records in the sun, and as a London based DJ this doesn’t happen so often. With the heat wave we’ve been having I’m making the most of this and currently enjoying a lot of Latin & Brazillian Music, Slow Disco, Callyspo and uplifting Soulful House.

It’s the kind of things you can’t get away with on a cloudy day. I’ve been especially digging Omar’s Latest album and Hiatus Kaiyote.

UO: You run your own club night in Peckham called Rhythm Section – what’s your fantasy lineup to get on the bill for one night?

BZ: Jason Spencer, Myles Mears, Adrian Ammo, Nai’m, Ali Tillet and Paul Reynolds – and they all live within walking distance from the Club.


UO: You’re also the boiler rooms MC – so you must have seen some serious sets go down in the past! Who’s been your favourite so far?

BZ: Yes, I program and host the shows. I have to try and remain impartial but every now and again I get carried away and it’s quite visible!

Hosting Robert Hood in Mutek was a major Highlight, Sean P and Young Marco inspired me in terms of selection and mixing and Night Slugs brought so much energy that nobody was left standing still.

There’s been some great moments, all for different reasons: the Invisible Newarly brought me to tears, and Lianne La Havas sent shivers down my spine when she played with us in Melbourne. Oh and Hiatus Kaiyote at Brownswood! Too many!

UO: Being a London man, where are you favourite places to hang out? Any secret Camden sweet spots you know about?

BZ: I in fact used to live in Camden – There’s a kebab shop with a disco in the back, I think it’s called Marathon – great place! You can’t beat a day spent by the canal and of course a pint in the Hawley is a perfect end to the day – or the lock tavern on a Sunday.

UO: What inspires you outside of music? Any books or artists you love right now?

BZ: I studied fine art for 4 of the last 8 years I’ve been in London, so that was a major inspiration for me in terms of how I approach life and creativity.

Honestly though, I have been so engulfed in the world of music that I have seen so little art in the last year, so current inspirations come from my friends- many of whom are artists making great work like Hannah Jones, Diana Policarpo and Umi Baden Powell. Google them.

(Diana Policarpo,Untitled,tape, wall, 2001)

UO: It’s a Sunday morning, you’ve got no musical things to be getting up to, what do you do?

BZ: Play basket ball, ride (and crash) BMX, listen to records, lie down in the sunshine, smoke a shisa, feed animals in the park.

UO: The whole world is watching you, 6 billion people tuned in to their radios, TVs and whatever else they’ve got going on. You have to play just one song – just one – which you think will make the world get up n’ dance! What will it be?

BZ: Oh well, rule one: you can never please everyone. It would have to be uplifting and positive: a call for unity, something everybody loves…the sunshine…

Roy Ayers.

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