July 25, 2013


Well since you asked… SHEET is our snazzy in-house fanzine that celebrates all the badass talent we have in our crew! First launched back in January, SHEET #1 was so good we had to make it again, this time for our UO Camden launch party! We’ve gone bigger and broader than ever before!

Every page has been created by an artist from a stores or head office – from product designers to illustrators, our creativity knows no bounds! Together we’ve created 18 pages of unique spreads designed as posters for you to keep and enjoy!

Get on over to your local Urban store and pick up a copy! Or check it out online HERE.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Nathan-Curtis Graalman
Sales Associate – Nürnberg

I’m a Canadian fashion designer and avid mountaineer currently living in Germany with dreams of one day having my own self-sustainable farm. I dream of combining my love of design, nature and farming somehow with the intention of helping people who feel they’ve hit the bottom. The photos I take replace the piece of my heart left in the moment captured by my camera.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Jake Paul Clewis
Sales Associate – Manchester

My name is Jake Clewis, I’m 19 and based in Manchester. In September I’m off to study Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University with a view of ending up in the creative industries when I finish my degree. I like to include a lot of photography in my work and do a lot of naive illustrations and typography. My favourite artists are Jody Barton, Andy Rementer & James Jarvis.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Joe Peter Brown
Sales Associate – Bath

‘I’m a 22year old graphic design graduate with a desire to aesthetically please everyone who sees my designs. My work for the band ‘Habitats’ uses an ancient method of aqueous surface design, reflecting their unique melodies.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Phillip Koll
Sales Associate – Berlin Mitte

I like white delivery vans, building sites, shop windows and trash lying on the street. The everyday life in all it’ s facets.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Marvin Hoffmann
Sales Associate – Berlin

Originally I saw myself making movies but somehow I ended up doing photography. Regardless the whole cinematic look is something that is incorporated into everything I do. I approach my projects with a very clear idea of how they are supposed to look at the end. I rarely just go “with the flow”, I know exactly what I want to achieve because having a plan makes it easier for my projects to evolve organically.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Scott Abbott (Collaboration with Douglas Road)
District Display Manager – Head Office

These guys produced awesome artwork for SHEET as collaboration between Table Scraps – a punk noise band based in Birmingham, England and artist Douglas Road. Their image is part of a series featuring the band as a 1970′s Ted couple – here they push Haworth’s Pepper doll through a Viking mass grave. In other images they, like Iggy Stooge, have a son named Rockanroll.

Douglas felt the band deserved a graphic identity, a whole desolate world, to call their own. Influences? Doug discovered ‘Rock Dreams’, a book by artist Guy Peellaert, when he was 14 and has “lived there ever since”.

VM Assistant – Frankfurt,Germany

“I am Kad, 21 from Frankfurt, Germany. I’ve been working as a VM for 4 years now and I joined the Urban creative team in 2011. I love my job because it gives me creative freedom and often inspires my art projects. My design for SHEET Magazine was originally a plane white Skull-Moneybox, from UO. I hand painted it a while ago and displayed it at my in-store art exhibition. I like projects that you can develop, so I designed/painted the Skull, took a picture of it and reworked it on screen, for SHEET. Also I used it as a stencil so I could easily spray paint it and make it more interesting by adding new colours or a different background.”

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Jenny Lindh
Housewares Department Manager – Copenhagen

I’m a 26-year-old Product & Graphic Designer currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was born on the west coast of Finland, the land of a thousand lakes & the homeland of Santa Claus (He really does live there). I love clean and simple Scandinavian designs, which feature, heavily in my work.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Hélise: MW & HW dept. Manager
Marie : WW Dept Manager
Elise : Sales Associate

Together we are Undecided!

Undecided is…
A Brussels based production house. We specialise in music and visual arts, producing a variety of pop-up events ranging from exhibitions to parties. We’re a small group of hustlers with many years of experience in graphic design, photography, publicity, fashion, curating and surviving. Aiming to craft a community that shares and appreciates the local arts and music scene by creating a platform for information and events not only for locals but also visitors. Ultimately we hope to create opportunities for local talent.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Ginta Lavina
Renewal Manager – Copenhagen

I wouldnt call myself an artist, I just do things I love – paint, take photographs and write poems. I get inspired by Henri Matisse early works, Henri Lebasque paintings, Vincent van Goghs life story, Eastern European rawness and juxtapositions.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Hannah Ford
Sales Associate – Glasgow

I’m currently studying Communication Design at The Glasgow School of Art and about to take part in an exchange to Rhode Island School of Design to major in Film. Recently I’ve realized that in all my favourite novels, plays and films the locations become another character to unpick but I’m still figuring out where my stories belong or what I should call my own fictional town.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Rachel Lamb
Sales Associate -Glasgow

Born in Glasgow, London based photographer.
Shooting youthful fleeting moments captured using natural light.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Sasha Vernaeve
Sales Associate – Brussels

My name is Sasha, I’m 24 & I’m currently living in Brussels. I’m studying first grade photography at ERG in Brussels. I have problems with memory so I always remember my life through collections of small things like visiting cards from the dentist, my 400 concerts tickets or all the texts I’ve received on my phone. Pictures are a part of my memories & I’ve been collecting my pictures as souvenirs of all I’ve did & done.

I want my pictures to be instinctive, colorful & to show a part of my generation!
I love music & gigs and my dream is to work for bands (as I’ve done in the past with some local bands)
My inspirations are Martin Parr, William Eggleston & Richard Billingham

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Tom Lowther
Senior Sales Staff –Bristol

I first picked up a camera when my Dad gave me his old Olympus OM10 on my 18th birthday and that’s where it all started for me! I’ve recently graduated in photography in Bristol. My approach towards the subjects in photographs is a more considered observation inspired by American Photographers such as Mitch Epstein, Alec Soth and John Sternfeld.
I recently completed a project based on Bletchley Park which explores the boundaries between public and private knowledge and can be viewed on my website,

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Kate Prior
Digital Designer – Head Office

I’m currently drawing pictures for the Urban Outfitters website. I’m mostly inspired by bad puns and good vintage designs!

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Erin Murphy
Senior Sales Associate – Bristol Store

I’m a recent fashion and textiles graduate from Bristol specializing in print. My work is visually exciting and colourful – I strive to create fun, original prints for both womenswear and menswear. Recently I’ve been taking inspiration from childhood toys and Voodoo culture in West Africa.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Rachel Welsby
Buyers Assistant – Head Office

My name is Rachel, I am a freelance illustrator based in Brighton, UK. I love to draw and take inspiration from the world around me, in particular strange or unusual items, creatures and people.
SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Rachel Cooper
Sales Associate – Kensington

So my name’s Rachel, I just turned 22 last week, I work at UO High Street Kensington and do bits and pieces of freelance styling.

My Sheet piece is taken from the main editorial of a shoot I directed and styled for a magazine. I created the shoot alongside my best friend Amie for our final major project at uni, which is currently something we’re in the midst of rebuilding, aiming to launch it as a proper magazine!

The main focus of the magazine was supporting new and emerging talent, from Designers to DJ’s and Filmmakers to Writers, we wanted to create a launchpad for young creatives to collaborate and be recognised. Even within the shoot, all of the models were new faces from various model agencies, every item of clothing was sourced from new designers and we only worked with emerging photographers, hair and make-up artists all trying to make a name for themselves, in making a career of their passion and love.

Therefore there was an overall free spirit vibe to the magazine that we wanted to capture within the main shoot, depicting a story of a tribe of young travellers exploring the suburban jungle, roaming and wondering into the sunset.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Amy Rycroft
Mens Accessories Buyer – Head Office

Hey, my name’s Amy and I’m Men’s Accessories Buyer and pride myself on my ability to give men a good dressing up. Or down. Whatever that may mean. I’m a girl’s girl/guy’s girl/girl about town, who never says no to a gig (or a cider), a seasoned festival pro and co-founder of Tattoo Boy Tuesday. Likes: menswear, dogs in neckerchiefs, sunglasses and band boys.

I’m an avid Tweeter (Follow @AmyRycroft) operating by a wise man’s mantra (*ahem* Russell Brand): ‘this is entertainment to you. I live this shit.’

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Kelly De Meyer
Operations Manager – Antwerp

People and their psyche fascinate me. Captivated by the beauty of the minority and the intriguing game between opposites in any shape or form, I try to create a point of recognition for the viewer.

I have just one addiction and that’s my obsession with snails that smile without showing their teeth.

SHEET:UO ZINE #2 Jill Sundqvist
Display artist Copenhagen

I’m an interior architect working as display artist in the UO Copenhagen store.

‘By Sundqvist’ consists of my sister and me! Together we design and make silver Jewellery and accessories for both men and women. Every piece of Jewellery is custom made and therefore unique. Our design esthetic is simple, sleek and straightforward. We don’t make accessories in quantity we want our customer to have an exclusive personalized piece by Sundqvist.

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