August 9, 2013

This coming Sunday New York rock ’n’ rollers Scott and Charlene’s Wedding will be shredding the stage at Urban Outfitters York!

Named after one of the most famous fictional weddings in TV history (it’s Jason Donavon and Kylie Minogue from Neighbors if your soap knowledge ain’t all that), this DIY rock outfit is currently touring Europe and will be popping into our York store for a very intimate performance indeed. Check out Fakin’ NYC from their most recent EP- Any Port In A Storm.

Although very much a band, Scott and Charlene’s wedding is the moniker of singer-songwriter Craig Dermody. After releasing his first EP in Australia, along with creating 200 original album art covers for the cause, Craig moved to New York City to spread his sound. Alas, the American dream is not everything it seems, and a new sound was formed, encapsulating what it is to be young, lost, and broke in NYC.


We had a few words with Craig to find out what band life is all about…

UO: Hello, hello! Where are you guys hanging out right about now?

CD: Hi! We’re in London today and I’m doing a solo show and then leaving for Paris tonight.

UO: So you’re playing a show at our store in York! Have you ever played a show like this before? Got any party tricks you’ll be throwing out there?

CD: Ha, no I think it will be a pretty standard rock show. I can’t think of a time we played a clothing store before, but we’ve had some pretty weird ones thrown at us on this tour – like playing in yogurt shop.


UO: Do you like touring Europe? Is it much different from New York or Melbourne?

CD: Yeah, we love it! I guess the difference in Spain from New York or Melbs is the endless beer and the food – plus they want you to play for ages. I’m up for all of that and we’re about to find out about the rest of Europe in the next few weeks.

UO: There’s a very DIY approach to both your recording and videos – would you say this is an intentional part of your charm?

CD: It’s just a matter of using what’s around. I’m not against higher quality but am used to trashy situations so it just feels natural to make it rough.


UO: For your debut album, Para Vista Social Club, you crafted 200 original album art sleeves for its release. What was the inspiration behind the art, and how long did it take to complete?

CD: I had been painting for a few years prior, but the inspiration for the paintings themselves is a mystery to me. It took about 3 months – half of it completed in the last month. It was brutal.

UO: What is your favourite piece from the collection?

CD: Mountain Man. The piece that is used for the reissue cover.


UO: You seem to tour a whole lot – what do you guys get up on the road when not playing shows?

CD: Drinking and trying to find some adventures. We sleep every now and then too.

UO: What is the most crazy/weird/obscene thing you’ve seen whilst on your travels?

CD: Playing at a massive museum on a hill in Santiago was very weird and surreal. Also taking our friend’s boat down the Regent’s Canal in London after our record launch until well into the next day – it was maybe the most fun thing we’ve done on tour.


UO: New York must be a fun place to live. Where are your favourite places to hang out?

CD: New York is great. I guess I like hanging at grungy sports bars and watching NBA. There are also heaps of random spots around the place that we end up.

UO: Someone who has never heard a note of music in his or her life asks you to describe what your music actually is. What do you say?

CD: I say it’s a pretty grungy, biographical train of thought. Or I just say it’s rock ‘n’ roll.


UO: If you could play at anyone’s wedding – past or present – excluding Scott and Charlene’s – whose would it be? Fictional weddings will be accepted.

CD: Fred and Tootie from Dead Moon. Actually I’d be too scared to play but I’d love to be there.

See you at the front!