August 13, 2013

Booyah! Our new lookbook just landed and it’s looking strong. Featuring Urban exclusive brands Sparkle & Fade, Silence + Noise, Worland and Shore Leave (to name drop a few) – we’re totally digging these new season looks.

Fully involved in all our Urban fashion shoots is UO Stylist Gemma Hyslop. We figured it was about time to pick her fashionsita brains and find out what being a stylist is all about…


UO: Hey Gemma! You’re the stylist behind all UO’s snazzy shoots! What’s a day in the life of a stylist like?

GH: A typical day in the studio wouldn’t be possible without the rest of the photography team, we can deal with hundreds of samples at any one time so it’s really important that everyone is on the same wavelength and helps each other out. One day I may be sorting out dirty laundry and another day I may be jetting off somewhere.

Sometimes I feel a bit like a mother trying to get models on set, a proud mother though, with lots of beautiful children!


UO: How did you get yourself into this type of career? Have you always had a passion for fashion?

GH: Haha “A passion for fashion” – that’s one of my favourite one liners! “I used to walk for miles to buy the latest copy of Vogue”. No, not particularly, I always wanted to be a surgeon or a midwife, I don’t really mind blood. My final project at Uni was based on body dismorphia and plastic surgery.


UO: So the new lookbook looks lovely. Tell us a little about the brands and how you wanted to style them.

GH: We focused heavily on the women’s Urban exclusive products as we have a wide variety of amazing samples. The design and buying teams work closely to trends so these themes and ideas heavily influence the whole attitude of a model, not just a models outfit!

With men’s clothing there are so many great brands for autumn winter it was hard to narrow it down to the specific looks, but I focused on the main trends and picked out some of the best bits.


UO: You get to travel loads with the UO crew – where’s been you’re favourite place so far?

GH: That’s a hard one. LA was my first trip, not bad hey? You can’t really beat driving round a desert in Palm Springs for a day’s work.

UO: What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

GH: For me Berlin is one that sticks in my mind, and some of my favorite images to date are from that shoot. The city, the models, the outfits, the team, it all worked together and I think this really shows in the images we produced.


UO: You have to style a ton of different brands but which ones are your favourite to work with?

GH: That’s a hard one! Women’s clothing is so strong for autumn winter so I really enjoy getting my hands on the new samples in the studio.

My fave men’s brands would have to be the streetwear brands! Blood Brother, KIDDA by Christopher Shannon, Rascals, KR3W – it makes my job easy when the product is so strong!

UO: Did you have that awkward teen stage where you had no style at all? Or have you always been bang on your fashion?

GH: I think I’m still in my awkward teen stage when it comes to fashion! My wardrobe is full of mistakes but I think that’s the fun of it. I kind of miss my chav phase with my popper pants and Reebok Classics – which may I add is actually bang on trend!!


UO: Out of the clothing you own, what’s your favourite item?

GH: My gym gear! I am happiest in my joggers and a t-shirt! I wish I could sass about in a good pair of heels but I can’t! Saying that I do own about 100 pairs of heels – that’s a small problem of mine!

I need to be comfy when I am on a shoot because there is a lot of running about, I am more likely to be wearing an old pair of leggings and a sweaty t-shirt rather than a fancy outfit!

UO: What’s your most peeved fashion faux pa?

GH: Heeled trainers – soz but if they ain’t Isabel Marant then don’t bother! Oooh and those bags that are shoes, you know that you find on dodgy market stalls. They make my insides feel funny.


UO: What do you do when you’re not tinkering with garms?

GH: My boyfriend is an illustrator so he is always showing me new music, new artists or new tattooists. He is pretty inspiring so I like to collect all the stuff he teaches me and put it on my tumblr for future inspiration!

I am also pretty obsessed with farms and anything animal related. Not in a weird way, I just feel like I definitely need to work at a Zoo one day. We went to a birds of prey sanctuary last weekend and it was pretty much the best thing ever.

UO: Where’s your favourite place to be when hanging with your pals?

GH: A farm, a zoo, a safari park, a field…or an old man pub full of dogs will do!


UO: What’s your most loved UO women’s brand?

GH: House of Hackney, it’s stunning!

UO: And men’s brand?

GH: KIDDA by Christopher Shannon! I love it!