October 10, 2013
Kill Bill

So few have caused so much carnage in a bumblebee two-piece. Today marks the anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s kick ass comeback, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and foot fetishes aside, QT’s martial arts revenge tale throws up a fistful of iconic moments totally worth revisiting a decade later…

Darryl Hannah as nurse Ellie Driver. Her bedside manner might’ve left a lot to be desired but she managed to make eye patches AND whistling cool. Outstanding.

ellie driver

Taking that Pussy Wagon and hot wheeling her way into righteous victory, The Bride’s motor also inspired the Gaga/Beyonce Telephone visuals along the way. Strong look.

pussy wagon

The Bride and Cottonmouth came to blows and we learnt that gory face-offs to the death could also be beautiful.

face off

In Tarantino’s world little girls are anything but sugar, spice and all things nice. The ball and chain wielding teen eventually met a (surprise!) bloody end, but not before scaring the shitballs out of us.


Of course, the image scarred permanently in our collective retinas is The Bride’s go-faster black and yellow two-piece. An homage to Bruce Lee’s very same look sported in 1978’s Game of Death.

kill bill