October 11, 2013

Bloody hell! It’s 50% off in the #UOSale! We can barely contain our excitement :D

So remember when Craig David was all ‘met her in a bar on Monday, we were making love by Wednesday’? Yeah well we’ve got something even hotter than Craig David’s love-making. Here’s our seven top sale picks to get you through YOUR seven days.

MONDAY: Late for work? Hotfoot it to the office in your boxfresh Nikes and your boss is none the wiser. trainer

TUESDAY: It’s your BFF’s birthday drinks, but baby it’s cold outside. Oh hai, new coat! coat

WEDNESDAY: Humpday’s here and all the energy you can muster involves lying on the couch and watching Game of Thrones. Welcome home. welcome home mat

THURSDAY: The ‘rents are down. For dinner the sophisticated way, this is THE ONE. skirt

FRIDAY: End of the week drinks, you’re not just hitting the bar – you’re raising it. ‘Where’s your shirt from?’ is the question of the night. antipodium shirt

SATURDAY: Your Tinder date might not be the suave don you expected, but at least your dress is capital ‘H’ Hawt. dress

SUNDAY: Like Craig, you’ll want to chill on Sunday…in this bad boy. Sure. kigu onesie