October 11, 2013
bradley zero

When we were thinking about how to get the party poppin’ at our UO Amsterdam launch, we knew the only guy who was gonna set the roof on fire (metaphorically, obvs) was DJ Bradley Zero.

Reppin’ the decks at next week’s party, BZ’s a regular on the Boiler Room circuit, and sealed his place as an underground club hero with Rhythm Section – his monthly NTS radio show and go HAM vinyl-only night at Peckham’s pool hall, Caravan’s.

Deftly weaving between electro, soul and tropi-funk grooves – check Zero’s latest mixes and swing by UO Amsterdam’s in-store party if you happen to be in the Dutch capital on 17 October. We out here!

RHYTHM SECTION OZ SPECIAL – 05 OCT 2013 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Photo Credit – RODDY BOW