October 22, 2013
batcat and batman

As Halloween creeps ever closer, Bat Cat has been dabbling in some serious photobombing. Between bothering Beyonce and convincing Christopher Nolan to make a film about his life, Bat Cat text us to see if we’d big up his ‘insyan advenchurz wid faymus peipl’ (sic). We said ‘no’ and locked the cat flap. But then we felt bad about killing a kitty’s dream. And he wouldn’t stop drunk dialing us…

So here he is. Tipsy after polishing off Bey’s martini. No wonder she’s in tears.

bat cat and beyonce

You’re not going to be badass like Walt and Jesse by mere osmosis…

bat cat and jesse and walt

Muscling in on Holly Golightly’s pastries? Think you’ll find that’s stealing, Bat Cat.

bat cat and holly

Part time heartbreaker, you know Bat Cat’s the *real* reason Pacey and Andi split up?

pacey and andi and bat cat

*Sigh*. There he goes again…

bat cat and tenenbaums

Just on some retail therapy ish with Julia Roberts, no biggie.

julia and bat cat

Finally, Bat Cat attempts to join The Plastics on Halloween. Nice try Bat Cat, nice try.

bat cat and mean girls

D’aaaaaw. We love you really you insane flying feline. Bat Cat FTW!