November 5, 2013

Fashion blogger Lulutrixabelle (aka Lucy Rance) is a girl about town we can get down with – mixing up sartorial styles from decades past to now, an eye for vintage and a hair dip to dye for – the aspiring stylist picks her top UO ‘90s picks and reveals the icons from the era that inspire her look.

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UO: Oh hey Lucy, tell us all about your blog.

LR: It’s mostly a personal style blog, so there are lots of pictures of me in my daily outfits. I like to shop at car boot hauls and charity shops so it’s quite thrifty for the most part.

UO: How would you describe your style?

LR: I’d say “unexpected”. One day I’ll go for a goth look, another it’ll be girly girl. I like to be eccentric and playful.


UO: What are you into right now?

LR: Mom jeans and velvet skirts, which are a big trend right now.

UO: Who’s your ‘90s idol?

LR: Phoebe Buffay – I’m obsessed with Friends. Her style is just amazing, who else could get away with wearing bright orange fluffy coats?

UO: Do you have a favourite Friends episode?

LR: Smelly Cat, it’s the one with the music video.


UO: Who was your ‘90s poster boy?

LR: I used to fancy Aaron Carter. He’s the one from the Backstreet Boys, right?

UO: No that was Nick Carter, Aaron is his little bro…

LR: Oh really? Oh yeah I remember now, I fancied both of them! I didn’t have posters on my wall though; I was too embarrassed to tell my mum about my secret boy crush.


UO: What advice would you give to fashion lovers out there?

LR: Wear whatever you want and go with it. At first your friends will think you’re weird, but soon they’ll get used to it and you can be comfortable wearing whatever you please.