December 11, 2013
Boom Nails

Tis the season for tinsel, parties, and more mulled wine than you can shake a barrel at. Channeling a look louder than your gramp’s post-turkey dinner snoring is key to stand out from the crowd at this time of year – think sequins, clashing colours and of course, a killer manicure.

Step forward Emma, founder of Boom Nails who showed us how to nail party season ‘jazz hands’ just in time for the office rager.

Dutty 2

After snooping around Boom Nails salon in London boutique, Shop Dutty, we got down to the serious business of nail art. With a rumoured 100 days of snow to go (whaaa??), Emma whipped up the perfect set of talons to make snowmen everywhere feel welcome…

Snowman nails

Pretty adorable, huh? Of course, there are those occasions when you just wanna match up your manicure to your MINKPINK – in which case, Emma’s rosy take on party nails is well worth a whirl.

MINKPINK nails MINKPINK trousers

Getting graphic, textile patterns are the ideal mate to your Christmas knit. We’re gonna look fiercer than Tyra Banks on a 24hr smize-athon…

Graphic nails Cooperative Harlequin Jumper

For more nail inspiration, head to Boom Nails’ Facebook page. Get your lacquers right up in here and check Emma’s awesome Snowman nail tutorial in the quick clip below.