December 13, 2013

We all know the life-or-death dramas that unfold when you’re looking for yet another way to style out your wardrobe for the 276th Christmas soiree this month.

Beyond the tried and tested method of ‘THROW SEQUINS AT IT’ (which holds the added bonus of making your flat look like a primary school craft room), we’ve come up with three helpful solutions to keep you looking fresh this festive season.

Look 1

Much like it’s cupcake counterpart, a red velvet dress is pretty much irresistible. Take the luxe route to vamping up your Friday night look and throw over a daisy print tee for that Party of Five vibe. Work smoky eyes and buckle boots for borderline-gothic kudos that works the room so you don’t even have to try. *Snaps*

Look 2

It’s pretty tough hitting the pub/club/overpriced bar after you’ve been running around like a headless maniac doing IMPORTANT STUFF all day. This understated combo of ‘mom jeans’, a wax jacket and New Balance runners basically say, ‘I didn’t have time for your bouji lip gloss and heels routine. I just do me, boo’. Note, your beanie hat will cover the sins of several consecutive nights out too.

Look 3

Good meets evil in this part Cher from Clueless, part Kathryn from Cruel Intentions get-up. Such a sinfully sweet outfit will seamlessly see you through that last of the Xmas jollies in style. Warning, looking *this* good, mistletoe’s bound to follow you at every corner. Just watch out for that creepy guy from accounts, yeah?