December 20, 2013

As one of Europe’s cultural cool capitals, Berlin trades in underground bars, hidden house parties and live music ragers you’ll talk about with your grandchildren’s children. Step forward, PonyDanceClyde – Berlin’s one-stop-site when it comes to music, lifestyle and travel.

The brainchild of Fanni Briggl and Julia Schulz, PDC was born in 2011 when the two were still roomies, during a long summer night in their kitchen. Now it’s a collection of happiness curated out of Berlin with a whole lot of love.

Check out their UO exclusive mixtape and expert tips below…

Where do you head to see live music in the city?
Berghain is the place for electronic music. The most entertaining gig we’ve been to there was Grimes, who not only came with insane energy but half-naked backing dancers. The new Privatclub at Skalitzerstraße is best for smaller bands. Mac Demarco from Montreal played last time we went and it turned out to be the best rock show we’ve ever seen. He covered a Rammstein track and it sounded more badass than the original.

Give us the lowdown on your UO exclusive mixtape…
It’s a real winter babe – full of beats to make you dance around your living room when it’s dark at 4pm. We selected songs that put you in a special mood or make you think of a special time, like dancing away in the open air on a hot summer day, or lying in bed with your bestie for hours.

Which upcoming bands would you recommend?
HVOB from Vienna, their mellow sound is just perfect for winter and of course, they’re featured on our mixtape. Basecamp hail from Nashville and dish up some seriously sexy down-tempo tunes…the baby-making kind.

So which places should we hit up in Berlin next year?
The city has so much going on, it’s a mess. Deciding which of all these shows to join and which to miss is a bit of a first world problem. We’d really recommend saving the date for Kaytranda at Gretchen (6 Feb) and Supreme Cuts at Berghain Kantine (22 Feb) though…