January 3, 2014

With French label Eleven Paris included in our 70% off sale, we thought it prime opportunity to list 11 reasons why we love the tongue-in-cheek label that put novelty ‘taches on the map (and your boyfriend’s face).

1.) After their Kate Moss tees flew off shelves, the model proved she’s got a sense of humour too by repaying the favour as the face of Eleven Paris S/S ’14 campaign. HUGE.

Eleven Paris 1

2.) It’s not just Mossy who’s lent her face to the fashion label. Eleven Paris understand that variety is the spice of life, with past campaigns fronted by Iggy Pop, Charlotte Free, Lenny Kravitz and Sky Ferreira.

Eleven Paris 2

3.) Eleven in name, eleven in number. The brand celebrates its 11th birthday this year after opening its doors in Paris (where else?) back in ’03. Happy birthday Eleven Paris!

Eleven Paris 3

4.) Starting out as a menswear brand, can you believe they only branched into womenswear three years ago? Nailed it first time. Nice one guys.

Eleven Paris 4

5.) Their Carnaby Street store opening attracted the likes of both Boy George and *Lord* Scott Disick. Can you imagine those two guys in one room? More diva demands than Diana Ross on her time of the month.

Eleven Paris 5

6.) If you happen to visit this very same store, notice it’s masculine musk of leather and wood. Tailor-made for the store and named ‘Velvet’, this place has got a vibe Ron Burgundy would approve of.

Eleven Paris 6

7.) Their tees featuring superimposed ‘taches on famous icons from Spongebob Squarepants to David Bowie have become iconic themselves. A bit like how we felt about Pokemon cards in the early ‘00s, we’ve got to have them all.

Eleven Paris 7

8.) It’s not just bum enthusiasts and J. Bieber fans on Tumblr – the brand procrastinate browse this platform on the reg, using it as a source of inspiration for each of their collections.

Eleven Paris 8

9.) And it’s not just Tumblr.For their last collection, Eleven Paris drew from Chinese astrology, grunge and pop culture – then they meshed it into the bold conversational pieces like this one right here. Wowzer.

Eleven Paris 9

10.) As urbane in their music tastes as their apparel, Eleven Paris even held their own tour last year, and you can bet they know how to throw a party (see point 5).

Eleven Paris 10

11.) Their motto, ‘Life Is A Joke’ might be the most laissez faire approach to enter 2014 with. And we dig it.

Eleven Paris 11

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