January 10, 2014

Root through the murky depths of your wardrobe and we’re sure you’ll find a battered, smelly, scuffed pair of sneaks. Whether they’re a memento from that summer you marched the fields of several festivals, or because you haven’t got the beans to buy a new pair – there comes a time when you’ve just got to swallow your pride and bin the damn things.

Well, we wouldn’t leave you hopping the streets barefoot, so we’re offering one lucky guy and girl the chance to choose a brand-spanking new pair of trainers from our UO collection. Yup – that’s any style/brand/size you want. You’ve just got to show us those battered treads to prove how bad you need them.

How to win:

Follow us on Instagram HERE

Take a pic of your smelly old sneaks.

Upload your image to Instagram tagging @UOEurope with the #KickingOff hashtag.

(Ts&Cs apply)

We’ll choose the two victors next Friday. Worst pair wins, so get snapping.

Check out the UO collection, here > GIRLS / GUYS