January 17, 2014

On Wednesday we dropped in to the London premiere of Girls’ third season, where Richard E. Grant(!) hosted a cinematic screening of the first two episodes in all their angst-y/deranged glory. Cast members Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet were joined by exec-producer, Jenni Konner for the epic Q&A where we learned some pretty interesting – and admittedly, disturbing – facts about the Brooklyn troupe.

So before you dig in to the brand new series on Sky Atlantic from 10pm on Monday 20th January, here’s ten lessons we took home from the Girls night.

1.) Marnie is in full-on Charlie mourning, living with her mother (Tom Hanks’ actual wife, fact fans) and sleeping in a Rainbow Brite duvet on the couch. Oh. Dear.


2.) Adam gives sage advice when it comes to love.

Adam Love1 Adam Love2 Adam Love3

3.) Get ready for a mini-Brit invasion with Richard E. Grant and Lena D’s BFF, Felicity Jones shaking up the Girls world this season. Ain’t nothing in those Victoria Beckham rumours though.


4.) Preach Hannah…


5.) Of course, this is Girls so expect plenty more naked/nookie scenes. This season sees Zosia Mamet (Shosanna) hook up with her IRL boyfriend, Evan Jonigkeit. ‘Our crew has become like a family so it was a bit like simulating sex in front of your parents,’ the actress revealed. AWKWARD.

Zosia Mamet

6.) Jessa is in rehab. And everyone hates her. Probably not a long stay then…


7.) Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner choreographed Allison Williams’ sex scenes with Christopher Abbott (Charlie) by taking pictures of themselves and giving them to the actors for reference. That’s probably as next level weird as it sounds.

Marnie and Charlie

8.) Not being hungry is a legitimate reason to buy new furniture.

Shoshanna Hannah with the chair

9.) Dunham revealed that Allison was cast as Marnie after they saw this video of Williams’ sing Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy over the Mad Men theme tune.

10.) Adam’s favourite utensil is a fork. And that is CRAZY.

BONUS: Don’t rule out a Girls film coming to a cinema near you. It might not be ‘til 2040 and well after the show’s over, but y’know, there’s hope.

Girls poster

Catch Girls on Sky Atlantic every Monday from 20th January.