February 12, 2014

As cupid strikes his arrow, saccharine sweet platitudes and heart shaped chocolate boxes fill the shops air – all in the hope to show your boo they’re the only boo for you.

Step forward Ashkahn, the LA-based illustrator who cuts the crap to relay poetic love sonnets that don’t make you want to direct your face in the direction of a sick bucket. Here’s what happened when we had a quickie with the man himself…

Photo credit: Kyle Fitzpatrick

What marks out your Valentine’s Day cards different?

The printing process is very important to me. Each card is letterpress printed locally here in LA on beautiful cotton paper. The content is also different. I try to be honest with what I want to say and since I am the creator of them, I don’t have to answer to anyone else or censor myself.

I don't understand half the things you say...

Idea of a perfect Valentine’s date?

Eating really expensive food, drinking the stiffest cocktails before ending up in a Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi time

Your best card creation of all time?

All time? That is a hard one. Probably this one.

I Wanna Get Crunk With You

Oddest inspiration for a card?

Hot Pockets.

Hot Pockets

Favourite place in LA?

Currently it’s SQIRL. That place is magic.


Highlight of the card making process?

Doodling and listening.


Who would you like to collaborate with next?



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