February 20, 2014

We all know the internet is a wild jungle of cat GIFs, #hashtags and the Kardashians’ hair. So overwhelming you could cry into your cereal, right?! Step forward, The Debrief, filtering it to the juicy essentials – from where to pick up the best Bacardi Daiquiri, to why your friend’s acting like a prick on social media.

After peeling ourselves away from their flashy new site, we popped down to The Debrief offices to interrogate Culture Editor, Jess Commons about telly addictions, bump and grinding, and vibrating bicycle seats…

UO: Sum up The Debrief for us in one sentence.

Jess: It’s a 24/7 take on the issues that matter to 20-something girls and their lives.

What’s the best assignment you’ve been on for The Debrief so far?

Reviewing Prince at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was probably the best thing that’s ever happened, ever.


Where’s the best place to catch a gig?

I love The Basement at the London Edition Hotel – they’ve got a great sound system and slush puppy cocktails. I want to go to Oslo in Hackney and I’m hoping to see Banks when she comes over here in March.

Which films should we part with our cash to see?

Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, Richard Ayoade’s The Double with Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, and The Lilting with Ben Whishaw. There’s a film called The Rocket about a little boy in Laos who enters a rocket building competition which looks really beautiful.

Grand Budapest Hotel

Which album are you readying up your iTunes for?

The new Wild Beasts one; their vocals are just incredible. I’m also intrigued to hear some more new stuff from Kelis’ Food and MØ’s No Mythologies.

Where are you pitching your over festival season?

I’m super excited for Parklife in Manchester, especially seeing Snoop Dogg, London Grammar, SBTRKT and Chromeo. Unknown over in Croatia has Chvrches and Wild Beasts plus, it’s on a BEACH. No wellies required.


What’s the weirdest press release you’ve received?

I once got one for a vibrating bicycle seat which sounds hilarious, but terribly dangerous.

What’s the next ‘water cooler’ show you’re getting excited about?

I watched the first episode of True Detective that’s about to start on Sky Atlantic (22nd Feb) and it’s really good. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star as detectives in arse-end-of-nowhere-town, Louisiana. It follows them across 17 years as they hunt down a serial killer.

True Detective

Who’s your breakout star of the moment?

I interviewed Foxes the other day and she told me all about how she got pissed at The Grammys and asked R. Kelly to sing Bump and Grind with her at an afterparty. Which is exactly what I would do. Therefore, I love her.

Which celeb would you most like to ask you out on a date?

I’m worryingly into Nick from New Girl at the moment. Is that weird?

Nick - New Girl

Who would you follow to the ends of the Earth?

Meryl Streep. She is amazing.

Show us the GIF that sums up your day.

Kermit GIF

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