February 20, 2014

As UO’s Come As You Are collection lands, we drop, rock n’ roll with our favourite Nirvana moments.

Inviting Nirvana to play Top of the Pops back in ‘91 could only ever spell trouble – cue Cobain ripping into Smells Like Teen Spirit like the microphone-gobbling, operatic-slurring pro we always knew he was.

Here’s a very ‘90s Jonathan Ross regretting the decision to ask Nirvana to play ‘their quiet song’, Lithium. Moments before hitting the stage, Kurt and crew decided otherwise, resulting in a terrifyingly cool rendition of Territorial Pissings.

You’re not a grunge hero until you K.O yourself with your own instrument. Fact. So here’s bass batterer Krist Novoselic doing just that at the ‘92 MTV music awards.

Here’s a little tip for all those power-tripping stage security guys out there. Don’t mess with the talent, or you will be attacked. With a guitar. To the face. Go Kurt…

The visuals to In Bloom – parodying TV variety performances went on to win MTV’s Best Alternative Video award in ‘93. Some palpable irony right there…

With questions over his mental health widely discussed in the media, good old Cobain was wheeled onto stage at Reading ‘92 with full-force psychiatric patient attire – top level trolling, and possibly one of their most iconic sets.