February 27, 2014

Forget the rent, splash your payday cash on these March treats…

1. Back with his first album since ’06, you can bet Pharrell has more bangers up his sleeve than your local butcher when GIRL drops (out 3 March). Need more tunes to get you through the month? Feast your ears on Metronomy’s tropi-pop vibes in Love Letter (10 March) and keep the party going with rising producer Tensnake, who finally releases his ‘90s house influenced debut, Glow (10 March).

Pharrell - Girl

2. Look at them. Having all that fun. You could be in on it too as our UO Cologne crew throw a massive party to celebrate Carnival – get your costumes at the ready….

UO Cologne

3. Shrove Tuesday hits next week, the perfect excuse to gorge guilt free on stacks upon stacks (upon stacks) of pancakes. Sure, you could rustle up a limp mesh of flour and milk, at home, or you could head down to My Old Dutch and divulge in such tasty classics as BUTTERSCOTCH BONANZA with a beer with your friends. As close to heaven as you’ll get on this planet.

My Old Dutch Pancake House

4. Do you know what your living room is crying out for? A beanbag sofa in the shape of an analogue keyboard, is what.

5. So you love Biggie and your mate’s well into Megadeth. Time Out’s got the perfect solution with three channels to choose from (hip-hop, indie, metal) with their Silent Disco at The View from The Shard taking place this month.

Time Out's Silent Disco at The View from The Shard

6. If you dig food AND cats, you’re in for a right treat. Bethnal Green in London opens its doors to the first ever cat cafe in the form of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium on Saturday (1 March). The purrfect stop for feline lovers, you can book a place here – just watch out for those stray hairs…

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

7. Feeling flush and can’t wait for festival season? Haul ass to Austin Texas, and get up to speed on all the new music you can soak up. Kicking off from 7 March, the festival features everyone from Woman’s Hour to Cyril Hahn to er, Lady Gaga. Alternatively, opt for the cheaper option and follow our pals at Urban Outfitters US, who’ll be hosting a stage and blogging/tweeting with all the highlights from the week.

Woman's Hour

8. LA street art collective Cyrcle bring their talents to the UK from 7 March with their Overthrone exhibition at East London’s Stolen Space Gallery. It looks incredible, but we bet the Queen is not amused…

Overthrone at Stolen Space

9. Speaking of Queens, the mother of all royalty, Queen Bey brings The Mrs. Carter Tour to London tonight. If you missed out on tickets from a reputable source, why not drag yourself down to the O2 and blag your way in with bribery? A whole month’s salary’s bound to get you somewhere, right?

The Mrs. Carter Tour

10. Unicorns. Just blow all your dollar on unicorns, because deep inside that’s what you really want.

Unicorns Unicorns Unicorns