March 13, 2014

After our hot and heavy Miami shoot, we hit up UO Miami store manager and the man behind UO_Miami’s delicious Instagram, Jon Swan, to get the insider scoop on the where, what and who we need to know in Miami. Next time you’re in the zip code, give this lot a try‚Ķ

UO Miami Team

Right, we’re re starving. Where’s a good place to grab some grub?

Go to Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market, located Downtown on the Miami River. They’ve been serving fresh local fish and sunsets since 1976.

Maimi Marina

Where should we go for cheeky weekday drinks?

A lot of places in Miami make hand-crafted cocktails but Broken Shaker on Miami Beach stands out. The unique location is in the Freehand Hostel, once a historic Miami hotel (the Indian Creek Hotel) and they also have a fun, well-priced beer menu thrown in for good measure.

We want to make some shiny new friends. Where’s everyone hanging out?

South Pointe Park. At the tip of South Beach, there’s a park, green space to run or play soccer, snack bar, amazing views of the ocean and Downtown Miami. It’s just a step away from the beach to cool off too.

South Pointe

And where can we go H.A.M at the weekend?

There’s loads going on until the sun comes up. If you want upscale club bangers & VIP there’s LIV at the Fountainbleau, or Story on South Beach. A common hangout on the weekend is Wood Tavern in Wynwood. They have a large outdoor patio/backyard – which is a big deal in Miami – and a built in taco wagon. On Sundays they do Backyard Boogie, playing anything from reggae to electronic music, and selling local art.

That’s a lot of partying. Tell us the best place we can grab a coffee to feel half-human again?

Panther Coffee in the Wynwood District, and also on Miami Beach is a great place to get specialty roasted coffees. It’s all roasted on site, and has won awards nationally. Whether you need your AM caffeine or an afternoon giddy-up, Panther Coffee has your back.

Panther Coffee

Where can we get an art fix?

Art is taken seriously in Miami so it’s difficult to pick just one place. If you’re into modern art, the MOCA Miami is a great place to catch new exhibits, currently showing ‘Tracey Emin: Angel Without You’, showcasing the importance of neon lights. The BASS Museum on Miami Beach has a range of historical selections and contemporary beauties.

Any other big events we should watch out for?

Art Basel occurs once a year and draws over 75,000 international visitors, locals and people from around the States. It encompasses Miami Beach, Downtown and Wynwood. There are event specific showcases, and pop-up shops galore. Whatever type of art you’re looking for, you get the full experience here.

Wynwood Art District

Sum up your city in three words?

Unlike anywhere else.

Street Style Street Style 2 UO Miami store

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