April 16, 2014

Is there anything that says ‘reckless abandon’ quite like a road trip?

Hop in the Cadillac and come live on a diet of dodgy highway diner grub with us (metaphorically, of course). In honour of our Dream Destinations edition of Collective, we’ve put together the definitive UO guide of road trip flicks that will make you throw caution to the wind and live for nothing but the open road.

Or, y’know, just live vicariously through this lot…

Almost Famous (2000)
Who didn’t try and change their name to Penny Lane after watching this for the first (and second and third) time? Cutting the apron strings of ’70s suburbia, budding journalist William Miller is drawn to the hedonistic world of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll on the road and learns the ultimate lesson: you are a golden God.

True Romance (1993)
Shooting sh*t up, wearing pink leggings, running away from mobsters. Clarence and Alabama’s cross-country getaway was SO romantic. With the rooftop down and their guns up, this troublesome twosome reset the standard for falling in love on the run. You’re so cool….you’re so cool…you’re so cool.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Camper vans and Albuquerque are not just Breaking Bad territory. This Sundance hit sees a dysfunctional family haul ass from New Mexico’s same provincial town to make one little girl’s dream come true…to win a beauty pageant. All while her broken family mend themselves in the process. Camper vans: so much more than makeshift meth labs.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Hunter S. Thompson put the emphasis on ‘trip’ in his cult semi-autobiographical novel. And who better to bring all that crazy to life than Johnny Depp? Chevy shenanigans through the Vegas desert with bats and bucket hats thrown in for good measure. Hell on Earth has never looked so fun, right?

Road Trip (2000)
From the American Pie mold, this teen lulz-fest saw a school bus blow up, Tom Green eat a mouse and DJ Qualls (remember that guy?) bust out his breakbeat moves to Run DMC. All in aide of rescuing a sex tape from the hands of a soon-to-be-ex. Aaaah, love in the millenials.

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