April 25, 2014

Bridging the gap between graduation to employment ain’t no stroll in the park – in fact, it’s like a real-time version of The Apprentice, except you’re probably not brimming with boring buzzwords and a false sense of self-importance that would make Kanye look humble.

To help you get ahead of the job-hungry pack, we hunted down Amsterdam’s Boyband Collective – a group of experts who know just what to do when taking your first steps into a creative career.

Meriam Rouabah – Photography

Meriam Rouabah graduated from Artez Institute for the Arts in 2012, since then she has put her wide range of skills to use as a photographer working for brands such as Breaking Rocks as well as developing her own work – basing her (mostly) analogue photography in raw and humanising portraits and fashion editorials.

Below are Meriam’s top tips on how to make it as a photographer.


Stay up-to-date on new brands or magazines. Find out who’s behind them and get in touch. Fat chance they’re looking for a photographer for their latest look-book or editorials but you never know. It’s more realistic and easier to work for brands/magazines that are still in their infancy. you can gain more photography experience and establish a bigger network this way.

I stay inspired by keeping a blog, collecting and saving cool pictures. Exhibitions and museums are a great source of inspiration too.

Be present at launches of new magazines or fashion brands. It’s important to show your face and personality. Always carry a business card – although this might sound old fashioned, you never know who you might run into. Make sure your it’s memorable and projects your personality.

Surround yourself with other inspiring photographers, they can help you pick out pictures for your portfolio. If you’ve made one, go to agencies or special portfolio nights. In the beginning, they might not be interested in hiring you, but they will give you valuable tips on how you can improve your portfolio.

Be kind to yourself and others. Accept yourself and accept that you can’t be a great photographer instantly. It takes time to figure out your own style and progress technically. Try to learn from your mistakes and don’t let them demotivate you or make you bitter.


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