August 14, 2012

So it’s Tuesday, and we’re still obsessing over The Kills. But consider this a variation on a theme. This time the ball was in your court, as we threw open the mic for you to tweet us questions to ask Alison and Jamie. And being our loyal subjects, you didn’t let us down. Here are a pick of the best and zaniest. Don’t forget to enter our ‘killer’ competition, too. See what we did there?


@MattMercuryMack asks
What are your favourite, Quavers or Wotsits?
Alison: Yuck.
Jamie: Monster Munch. Then Frazzles. Quavers third. Wotsits taste of sick.

@your_collective asks
We would love to know who would win in a fight between you?
Alison: Blindfolded?
Jamie: I’d win in a knife fight. Alison would win a gun fight.

@AlexandratotheC asks
After your successful London show at Brixton, do you have plans to return to London for shows in the near future?
Alison: No plans at the time of answering this question.
Jamie: No gigs planned after the summer except for Russia and Mexico. It’s time to write songs…

@yifat78 asks
If you could present the band’s vibe with only one song, what would it be?
Alison: Kissy Kissy
Jamie: Hitched

‏@carllalala asks
What would be your dream duet or team-up from any era?
Alison: I would have loved to sing with Don Van Vliet.
Jamie: Me and Leadbelly. 2 guitars and an MPC 60.


Lieselotte Van Hemelrijck asks
Alison, where did you get your hair done? Love it.
Alison: Mostly my bathroom sink.

Greg Phillips asks
What is your third favourite cheese?
Alison: I’m not a fan.
Jamie: Black Bomber asks
What was your best gig ever?
Alison: South America was mind blowing. The audiences are so passionate and enthusiastic. It’s an honour to play for them.
Jamie: Lisbon, the other week.

Robin Sta asks
How did you choose the name The Kills?
Alison: We had a typewriter duel.
Jamie: A gun fight, followed by a knife fight.

Hugø Volrath asks
You’re in a dark tunnel. One end is obscure and the other is lit. Which way would you go?
Alison: Not sure. But I love driving through tunnels. The darker the better.
Jamie: Am i dying?

Stef Warde asks
If you could work with one artist dead or alive, but it meant you could NEVER work with each other again, who would it be or would you pass? *evil laugh*
Alison: I’d pass.
Jamie: PASS.