October 30, 2014

When you get the chance to create a sportswear collection with one of the most iconic labels of the 20th Century, you don’t say no. And so it is that we present our brand-new exclusive collaboration with Fila, right here for your sporting pleasure.

Fila’s sport and style heritage runs deep, beginning in 1911 when the Fila brothers started out making innovative luxury fabrics in the hills of northern Italy. But it was when the label turned its hand to activewear that the legend was born.

In the ‘70s, tennis champion Bjorn Borg became a bona fide icon in his righteous Fila polo and headband combo. In the ‘80s, Fila’s bombers and tracksuit tops were adopted by the UK’s sports casual tribes – worn with pride on football terraces all over the country. But it’s the ‘90s, when the brand exploded into the indie clubs of the Britpop years that our collection forms its inspiration.

With cropped polo t-shirts, all-over logo prints and brash bobble hats, our collaboration puts a new twist on some of our favourites from the Parklife era.