December 22, 2014

As the hangover from your office Christmas party slowly, yet oh-so painfully, disappears, the thought of another night on the town can induce anything from a grimace to full-on “must lie down now” nausea. However, the big night is coming, people. Yes, grand old New Year’s Eve.

To get us all back into the party spirit, we had a style chat with Norwegian fashion blogger, Marianne Theodorsen (StyleDevil), as she picked out her favourite pieces from our UO party collection.


I´m the kind of girl who can end up dressing down for a party, or dressing up for something as simple as walking to the store. I mostly just wear whatever feels comfortable and right for the type of occasion. Heels and icy Norwegian roads are such a bad combination, so I prefer to wear chunky boots to go with my party outfit – it´s so much more dance friendly too!

Both of the dresses I´ve picked out for this outfit are super versatile – pieces you can wear everyday and anytime. After all… every day is a party, right? – Marianne

Kimchi Blue Dancer Slip Dress in Red
Pins & Needles Embroidered Mesh Maxi Dress

UO: Do you have a party trick?

MARIANNE: You could consider being able to sing karaoke outrageously loud a party trick, right?

UO: What one song gets you in the mood for going out?

M: It´s impossible to pick just one – it all depends on the situation. So here are three that get me in the mood at the moment.

Iggy Azalea feat. MØ: Beg For It – Zoo Station Remix
Will Smith: Gettin´ Jiggy With It
Solange: Sandcastles Disco – Freemasons Remix

UO: What’s your party essentials?

M: A camera to capture all the great moments, and a great playlist to keep the party going. Give me that, and I´m all good!

Kimchi Blue Lace Racerback Bralette in Black
Dr. Martens Assange Hardware Boots in Black

Double Stud Felt Panama Hat in Black

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