January 13, 2015

Makeovers, spring break and awkward prom dates. Relive your adolescence through a hypercolour lens, and settle in for the irresistible pop-doc, Beyond Clueless.

Fairuza Balk (aka The Craft’s menacing gang leader Nancy) narrates over 200 clips from your favourite coming of age tales, serving up gems of wisdom beyond the locker room over an original Summer Camp soundtrack.

We caught up with the brains behind Beyond Clueless and author of offbeat film blog, Ultra Culture, Charlie Lyne to get the 4-1-1 on his first feature, dubbed ‘the ultimate movie about teen movies’…


UO: What first brought about the idea to shoot this film?

CHARLIE: I became a bit obsessed with re-watching those amazing teen movies of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, full of beautifully choreographed prom dances, and spectacular Rachel Leigh Cook makeovers. I wanted to capture the strange feeling they elicited in me — that of nostalgia and longing, but also mystery and unease. Making a documentary about teen movies that could also function as a teen movie in its own right seemed like the best way to do that.

UO: Did you ever expect such a big reaction from the concept?

C: Not at all. These are movies I’ve had a really personal relationship with for more than a decade, so it was almost startling to discover how many people are as obsessed with them as I am. Every screening feels a bit like a support group for people who never got over their teenage crush on Devon Sawa.


UO: What’s your favourite teen movie?

C: I have a massive soft spot for the 2004 teen sex comedy EuroTrip, which is really the film that sent me down the path to making Beyond Clueless in the first place. When I was fourteen, I loved it for its gross-out humour and ample nudity. Now I see it for the surprisingly complex film it really is (not that I’ve stopped enjoying the fart jokes and topless scenes).

UO: Do you have an all time favourite quote from one of the films?

C: There’s a great line in Crazy/Beautiful where Kirsten Dunst’s character says “I’m seventeen, I’m supposed to get out of control” which is the ultimate teenage response to any criticism. You can’t argue with it.


UO: Which movie character do you most associate?

C: I’ve always felt quite an affinity with Laney Boggs from She’s All That because I also used to make terrible conceptual art pieces at school and insist they were very deep and meaningful. I never had the ponytail, unfortunately.

UO: What iconic piece of teen film clothing would you most like to own and why?

C: I’ve been in the market for a male version of the yellow tartan number that Cher wears in Clueless for about two years now. I can’t find a version that doesn’t make me look like Rupert the Bear.


Beyond Clueless is touring the country – find your nearest screening HERE.

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