February 12, 2015

Since the release of her debut album The Outside Rooms in 2011, American singer songwriter Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) has been hypnotising music fans far and wide with her unique genre of folk inspired sound, defined by a rich harrowing voice that has the ability to whisk your mind to another dimension.

Her second album, The Innocents, released last October, extends this concept to a much deeper place, in turn becoming one of the most exciting acts to watch for 2015.

Ahead of her European tour kicking off on the 17th February, we asked Natalie to create her ultimate “on the road” mix tape that’ll see her through weeks of tour van travelling.

My favourite way to listen to music is on the road. My car plays CDs and I like getting stuck with one or two at a time. It forces you to listen deeper, catch things you normally wouldn’t, and have songs grow on you after three repeats.

I once had Skip Spencer’s OAR in my car for almost two years, and usually I just played the album on repeat at all times. I’d start my car and pick up where I left off. It never fazed me that it was unreasonable until somebody had to ride in my car with me all day. They couldn’t stand to hear the entire record over again a single time more. Most of the tracks on this mix have been stuck in my car at one time or another, and luckily with repeated listens each song just gets better, it doesn’t tire easily, which is the last thing you want to do while driving into the night.

– Weyes Blood

Tour dates:

Feb 18 Berlin – @ Kantine am Berghain
Feb 19 Heidelberg – @ Karlstorbahnhof
Feb 21 London – @ Old Blue Last
Feb 22 Glasgow – @ Glad Café
Feb 24 Dublin – @ Whelan’s
Feb 25 Amsterdam – @ OT301
Feb 26 Paris – Espace B
Feb 27 Lisbon – @ Z D B
Feb 28 Braga – @ GNRation

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