March 2, 2015

For our third edition of UO Sound, we invited Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) to perform a track from her latest album, The Innocents.

With a style that merges a traditional folk with a unique ambient sound, not to mention a voice so emotionally powerful it could quite possibly melt your heart (you’ve been warned), take the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy this stripped back version of Be Free.

We caught up with Natalie in between takes to talk about her idols, and who she’d duet with at karaoke bar…

Wearing: Triangle Layering Necklace

UO: Is there a particular moment you remember thinking, “I want to be a songwriter”? Have you always been musical?

NATALIE: I have always been musical, from day one apparently. I remember writing weird a cappella songs as a four year old, then moving onto piano and guitar. It wasn’t until I was 13 that I decided I was going to become a musician and began dedicating all my life force energy to playing music. I worked at a record store and bought a lot of records too.


UO: You’ve styled out some great looks from our new in collection. How would you describe your personal style?

N: My personal style is generally monochromatic and bold and the fewer articles of clothing, the better. If it were up to me all clothes would be one piece with attachable/detachable appendages and secret pockets. I love old renaissance clothes too – gambesons, velvet, similarly utilitarian but with more architectural flare.

Wearing: Staring at Stars Wide Leg Jumpsuit

UO: Who were your idols growing up?

N: It’s hard to say. As a super young tot I loved Kurt Cobain and Jim Carey. Syd Barrett, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Ween came into my life a bit later. When the Kids In The Hall crossed my radar as a 12 year old (they’re a Canadian comedy troupe) they were like my boyband. I had posters of them up on my walls and even joined a fan club. They also turned me onto some more alternative music, like Stereolab and Pavement. My idols changed frequently, I loved to collect music and people that represented the fringe, the outcasts.

Wearing: Sparkle & Fade Split Front Maxi Dress

UO: You’re currently on tour around Europe, where’s been your favourite city to play so far?

N: So far it’s a toss up between Heidelberg and Dublin. Heidelberg is incredibly historic, its one of the rare cities in Germany that wasn’t bombed in WWII. It’s very mountainous, and has a stunning castle tucked away into a hill. It felt very surreal and there were all kinds of people at the show, old and young.

Dublin was culturally relatable to me, it’s one of my favourite islands on the planet, all the pre-Christian pagan sites there intrigue me and I could actually see myself living there. Saw lots of rainbows, drank Guinness, and thought every man was handsome.

Wearing: Sparkle & Fade Stripe Rib Sheer Midi Dress

UO: If you could duet with anybody in the world (past or present) at a karaoke night, who would be your partner and what would you sing?

N: I’d sing with Harry Nilsson. He has a slightly higher voice for a man, and I have a lower voice for a woman, so I have a feeling we’d sing well together in unison. I’d also love to party with him as legend has it he was a true beast in the party scene. Only in my dreams.

Check out our UO edit inspired by Weyes Blood’s refined style.


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