March 31, 2015

For this week’s foray into the world of DIY, we caught up with the lovely Marie-Laure; a boho-mum, surfer and yoga addict from the blog Le monde est à nous who showed us how to turn an old rug into a righteous yoga bag.

Today I’m going to show you how to make a big fringed bag, which I use for yoga. It’s the ideal size to fit a towel, a book, a bottle of water and my MP3 player. You can also slot your yoga mat between the handles, and once it’s empty, use it as a small rug to soften those on-the-knees positions.

So light up a scented candle, turn on your favorite playlist and make some room on your dinner table or floor – and let’s make ourselves a yoga bag…

What you’ll need:

1 rug 60 x 90 cm
Black trim
Grey Wool
Wooden pearl
Big needle
A lighter

1. Fold the rug like I have in the picture.

2. Fold the top of the rug to create the flap. Cut the black trim in two and pin these on the bag to create handles (one in the front, one the back)

3. Use a lighter to burn the end of the black trim so that it won’t fray.

4. Sew the handles in place by hand or with a sewing machine. The sides of the bag aren’t sewn together yet, so you can work with the rug open flat, which makes it easier.

5. Fold back the bag, take your big needle and grey wool. Pass the needle on both layers to sew the side together, and then tie a little knot. Repeat on the whole side making sure the fringes are all the same length. Tips: Start with regular stitches from the top to the bottom, then go from bottom to top to add an extra layer of fringe and some strength to the stitching. Repeat on the other side.

6. If you fancy it, customise your bag with decorative details, like these wooden pearls.

7. You might also want to embroider some patterns with some leftover wool.

And that’s your bag finished. Pack up your mat and go do some yoga!