April 10, 2015

With its ethereal fashion shoots and leftfield features, MOON magazine is a visual treasure trove between finely printed covers. The second issue landed in the UO racks this week, dishing up a heaving plate of otherworldly goodness for fashion-hungry eyes. To mark its arrival, we headed to the launch to chat to the magazine’s creator, Verity Pemberton on inspiration, collaboration and all things MOON.

UO: How did ‘MOON Magazine’ come into existence?

Verity: The first issue came about after I realised I was doing loads of shoots for fun, but no one was really seeing them. I wanted to make a platform for my creative ideas, and have always loved printed publications, so I decided to put together all my work and make it into a magazine. I called it MOON because I wanted the magazine to have an otherworldly, magic feel to it.

UO: When did you first become interested in fashion magazines?

Verity: From the age of 12 I was devouring Vogues, making scrapbooks from the images I tore out, then around the age of 14 I would hang around a lot at fashion week – my brother used to do soundtracks for some of the shows. I would do little shoots with friends or interviews, and while I was at university I was assisting two stylists- it was the culmination of meeting all these inspirational people that made me want to do my own thing.

UO: What inspired you to develop the first issue?

Verity: I started producing a fanzine called, ‘Don’t Know Yet’ when I was 16, organising shoots with my friends and interviews- I actually interviewed some quite cool people at the time, like Tom Vek and the designer Erdem. I always have a ton of ideas and producing a fanzine was a way of making them into a tangible object. It got picked up by the designers Eley Kishimoto and was given out on the front row at their fashion show. Moon is a grown up version of what ‘Don’t Know Yet’ was.

UO: Where do you draw inspiration?

Verity: Friends, people I meet day-to-day… I like to try and interview people that maybe get missed out by larger publications but who can easily be ten times more interesting than a celebrity. I loved interviewing the antique dealers for issue two- They are all such interesting characters and lead such interesting lives. I’m also always on the lookout for interesting locations for future shoots, my phone is full of random images of buildings and odd places.

UO: How did you decide on talent to collaborate with?

Verity: Casting is really important for MOON magazine. I want to work with girls who are little bit quirky and have a good attitude. For interviews I normally make a long list of people who I think would be good and narrow it down to what will work with the issue.

UO: What is the essence of Moon Magazine in three words?

Verity: Creative, characterful & inspiring.