April 13, 2015

Australian label Somedays Lovin’ has been spreading its carefree summer vibes through our clothing racks for a couple of seasons now. With laid-back shapes and playful prints, the brand’s new collection Field Daisy evokes the wild summer nights and beachside romance of its Aussie beach scene roots. We caught up with the label’s designers Annabel Wendt and Laura Liles to find out more…

UO: How did you first discover you wanted to be a designer?

Annabel: It took me until I was around 21 to discover I wanted to work in fashion. I started out styling and interning with labels and eventually fell into design assisting and knew I had found what I really felt inspired doing.

Laura: When I realised that I could make or have my Nonna make me clothes, that was probably when the seed of the idea of being a designer was planted in my mind. I was 10, maybe.

UO: What’s the inspiration behind the Field Daisy collection?

Laura: Every season we put ourselves in the worn out shoes of the Somedays muse. We imagine where she’s been, where she wants to go (usually a holiday destination Bell or I are planning) and from there we buy prints and vintage that suit that mood. A range grows pretty organically around those first few pieces and artworks we select.

Annabel: Our inspiration was all about escaping for summer on an unplanned journey where the road, sun and ocean are the leaders. It was just about having a carefree, live in the moment, say yes to everything kind of attitude.

UO: What’s your favourite piece from the Field Daisy collection?

Annabel: I love the Secrets floral mini skirt. I am a sucker for vintage florals and toughening them up with RM boots and vintage tees.

Laura: The Molopo animal wrap dress. With Indian sandals as a dress or over cut-off shorts and a washed out tank. That’s pretty much my uniform.

UO: Where do you initially look to for inspiration with your prints?

Annabel: I love to look to old vintage patterns – think tile art created on walls in Morocco, rugs weaved in India, that kind of thing! I also love nature-inspired prints and amazing sky imagery. Anything hand-painted with a soft handwriting also works really well for us.

Laura: A lot of the time finding inspiration can be really serendipitous. We might find inspiration in an image or a piece of old clothing or a book. From that loose starting point we find there are usually all these different avenues that open up to further research and more inspiration. That said, vintage textiles and traditional folk cultures are a constant source of creative energy for me too.

Somedays Lovin’ Pitstop Broderie Top in White

UO: How did the name ‘SOMEDAYS LOVIN’ come about?

Annabel: As our tagline says, “Some days you just don’t give a ____” – it’s about being carefree, in-touch with your spirit and nature! We wanted to create a brand for women who were tired of all the fuss of fashion and just wanted to feel pretty and also comfortable in her clothes and not have to really worry too much about what to wear every day, but still feel like a bit of a rock star.

Laura: Yup, Bell’s got this one covered. The name has a bit of a romantic vibe to it too and our girl can be a little romantic at times.

UO: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

Annabel: Be true to your own aesthetic, understand you have to work hard and from the bottom of the food chain, and remember to always have fun.

Laura: Don’t regret your mistakes because they’re not ACTUALLY mistakes- they’re invaluable learning and experiences. All experiences positive and negative, sharpen your design instinct. It’s reassuring to embrace that idea.

Somedays Lovin’ No Problemo Tee in Ivory


If I could be anywhere in the world right now I would be…
Annabel: road tripping through the middle of North America or visiting my family in Adelaide!
Laura: In a hammock, in a villa on the cliff face of Bingin beach (Bali) with my babe and my boy.

If I wasn’t a designer I would be…
Annabel: I love painting, collaging, taking photos and creating prints so moving into textile design would be pretty rad!
Laura An astronomer or a chocolatier.

The theme tune to my life would be…
Annabel: ”This Must Be The Place” Talking Heads.
Laura: Amazing Grace.

I’m addicted to…
Annabel: Popcorn
Laura: Coffee and cuddles.

I have a huge dislike for…
Annabel: Beetroot.
Laura: Olives…. And aggressive drivers. Just relax dudes.

I wish I could…
Annabel: Breathe under water or fly.
Laura: Oh my gosh! Samesies Bel! Breathe under water for sure or be invisible. I’d sneak onto airplanes and fly to everywhere that’s awesome.