April 16, 2015

Chances are, you’ll have noticed the dazzling orb that appeared in the sky this week- and the wave of deliriously happy moods and the premature baring of flesh it brought with it. All this sunshine has been getting us amped up to run and run hard- so what better time to shake off the chocolatey post-Easter slump and head outdoors? This week, we’re getting sweaty with Lucy Jasper from the blog Lucy Vs. the Globe, as she takes us on a run around her adopted home city, Berlin. Try to keep up.

Lucy vs. the Globe is a place that tells you how to run your life better. To say it started as a nice place with good intentions, where we were genuinely concerned with others’ lives…would be a lie. It all started because I decided I was spending too much money on concert tickets, and there had to be a way to subsidise that. Four years later, we tell you where to drink, eat and disco. And if you have a problem, we’ll solve it, with an Ask Lucy.

Collectively the team runs, as in – we all do sports. We all originally come from Australia, so being outdoors is a big thing for us. Winter in Berlin is a very non-real time filled with desperate attempts to exercise in frigid conditions accompanied by lots of complaining.

Berlin is literally the least German place you will ever visit. Maybe if you went to Charlottenburg it would feel pretty German, but in general – it’s “International”. One of the biggest draws for me living in Neukölln is the very present Turkish community. Here I feel well-supported in my view that there is literally nothing wrong with halloumi at 4:30 in the morning.

Only in Berlin would there be an old abandoned airport which now doubles as a recreational-type park. It’s actually a pain in the arse to run around because it’s so windy, so to be fair, I don’t to this that often (ever).

TIPP: there is a BBQ’ing area here, and you can buy throw away BBQ’s from the supermarket. If that situation doesn’t infiltrate your summer – you’re an idiot.

I’ll tell you what happens in Berlin: People paint houses the absolute rudest colours. I’m not sure how it’s even allowed to be honest. I mean – you have to fill out a form for everything here and then this sort of shit happens. It’s wonderful and nauseating at the very same time.

Alexanderplatz – the ugliest place in Berlin. Probably not the ugliest because Berlin is pretty ugly, but it’s not nice. Are you a tourist? Will you visit Berlin one day? TIPP: Don’t hotel in Alex.

GERMANS LOVE TV TOWERS. Really, this isn’t a lie – this is the realest I have been in ages. These monuments don’t do anything magic, and from my understanding Germans don’t even really like TV that much… they watch it, but it’s not like “Oh those Germans, they looooooove telly.” I think it’s to do with the height of the city. Back in the day, there was some rule about building houses only 5 stories high (but still no rule about painting them any colour, bit weird) – so by default, TV towers are more or less the tallest points of the city.

I think I was just really excited this day because the sky was blue. This is an exciting prospect. Berlin is pretty grey – but when the weather turns on, you wouldn’t even think another place existed that was as good.

If you move to Berlin, you better ride a bike. All the best things happen on bikes. Dinking, drinking and too many, “oh fuck, is this my life?” wind-catching-your-hair, light-glimmering-in-your-eyes type moments.

There are a handful of really cool things about running around Berlin, and one of them is the fact it’s like an exhibition. Berlin has some of the best graffiti. I’m sure they argue it’s THE best but to be fair, I’m not an authority on this – so let’s just say it’s good.

This is the Spree. Body of waters are nice to run near, especially in a big city – makes you feel a bit less of a cog in a wheel, sort of. I don’t actually spend that much time near or on the Spree. But I think it would be the most fun to BYO wine and get on one of those Spree boat cruises in summer. Somehow it’s totally desperately romantic and daggy at the same time – I’m still single, fellas ;-*