April 20, 2015

Your Nan is right about so many things. She was down with the blue rinse years before it hit Dalston and she’s been wearing micro floral prints since before you even knew how to poo your pants. She was over Normcore before you were under it and her home ornament collection is on-point.

And you know what else your Nan is right about? Gardening. Yeah, your Nan’s idea of a good time is a good time for everybody. Because what’s more satisfying than getting your fingers green and watching your plants grow? Nothing, that’s what.

Now we can’t all enjoy the benefits of outdoor space, but that’s no reason to miss out on the home-growing fun. Our handy mate Laura Werner from the blog The Limits Of Control is here to show you how to create a beautiful garden in your bedroom, by loading up an Urban Outfitters terrarium with nature. Take it away, Laura.

What you’ll need:

1) Cactus soil
2) Protective gloves
3) Cactuses / Succulents
4) A terrarium

1) First, take your cactuses out from their original pots and free the roots from the soil.

2) Next, cover the bottom of your terrarium with 3 –4 cm of fresh cactus soil. Make sure you press the soil down with your hand a bit so that there are no air gaps.

3) Once that’s done, make a hole for each cactus, between 2 and 3cm deep. Now you can plant your greenery. Cover them up with a bit of soil and make sure the soil is spread evenly.

4) Press the soil down again and make sure the plants are firm. If you struggle with your fingers a teaspoon helps you get it super firm in the corners.

And voila, you’re done. You’re a horticultural hero that your Nan is proud of. Now sit back and gaze upon your little indoor garden