May 12, 2015

Oh, DIY. DI-bloody-Y. We love everything about it. Every. Thing. We love wearing a pencil behind our ear like an accessory. We love the feeling of learning how to make real, physical things, using only our bare hands and instructions from the internet. We love the feeling when somebody compliments us on our homemade yoga bag, or our tiny indoor garden, and we answer, nonchalantly, ‘Oh that- I DIYed it myself, actually’.

So hungry were we for more delicious DIY that we tracked down Morgane from the handy makers site, and asked her, no, forced her, to show us how to make more stuff. And she did. Take it away, Morgane.

As soon as I saw this Prisma wall décor set on the site, I just knew they would be my next DIY project. I didn’t know what to do with them exactly- I initially thought of doing something with plants but at the same time I really wanted to use some wool. I couldn’t decide for a while until I got them, and this idea dropped into my hands- destiny was speaking, and it was talking about wool.

And so, this little wooly hack came into being. If you like the aesthetic of weaving but don’t have the time or technical know-how required, this super easy DIY is for you.

Lets start:

You’ll need:

1) Prisma Wall Décor set <
2) Wool – use a variety of sizes and colours.
3) A wooden bead (or more, if you fancy!)
4) A pair of scissors.

Step 1) Cut yourself some 12 cm wool threads

Step 2) Fold the thread in two and tie them on the side of the frame, like I’m doing in the picture.

Step 3) Fill the whole side bar with the same colour tassels.

Step 4) Fill the opposite side with tassels in the same colour.

Step 5) Keep hold of a piece of wool to use as a template, so you can be sure to cut all the wool the same length.

Step 6) Tie tassels of another colour on the front of the prism.

Step 7) Following the same technique fill the upper row of fringes in a different colour.

Tip : Make things interesting by playing with textures, colours and the length of the fringes.

Add the wooden pearls as a final touch.

All the shapes from the pack are different sizes, so you can let your creativity go wild! It’s all fun as long as nobody gets hurt.