June 2, 2015

London four piece Gengahr are not as nice as they might first seem. Oh sure, the guitars are hazy, the vocals are harmonious and there’s a pleasingly psychedelic flavour about the whole affair. At first listen it feels like a warm waves lapping at your feet on a sunny day. But what was that? Something about wanting to drink my blood? Did I hear a mention of witches? Vampires? Death? Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, too.

Yes, Gengahr’s fuzzy guitars and beachy rhythms are a backdrop for a lyrical universe that’s inspired by the kind of horror movies they just don’t make any more. And it’s making quite a splash, with the band winning critical support all over the place ahead of their debut album A Dream Outside, and being selected for live slots supporting The Maccabees and The Strokes. It’s the kind of creepy fun your summer’s been missing. So give your eardrums a treat, and don’t blame us for the nightmares.