June 12, 2015

Let’s talk pronunciation. You’ve got options when it comes to Brighton two-piece MIAMIGO; some people- the friendlier, more Spanish people amongst us- will read that name as Mi Amigo; my friend. Others of us, ones who like moustaches and speedboats, might read it as Miami Go, as in, let’s go, Miami style. Go on Miami. Hey Miami. Go go go.

There’s probably a definitive answer to the question of which of those is correct. It could probably be obtained pretty easily by simply asking the band. But let’s talk about the noise. Because there are big friendly pop hooks to be enjoyed here. Twisted lyrics that uncover the darker side of life. And underpinning it all, the kind of thrusting, synth-heavy bass production that makes you feel like you’re cruising down the Miami strip with the hood of your convertible all the way down. Take it for a spin around your eardrums below.

MIAMIGO’s second single Hard To Love is out now on Indian Hop Recordings.