June 29, 2015

Do you ever struggle to come up with an answer when a colleague asks you what you got up to at the weekend/last night/this morning? Ashamed to admit that you intended on going to the gym but binged watched Netflix in your workout gear instead? Or how you went to check out that new pop-up restaurant, saw the mile-long queue and went for a Nando’s instead? Or how about when you set your alarm early to make a nutritious, gourmet lunch but failed to rise and snoozed for an hour? Well now you can respond smugly with, ‘Actually, last night I just did some DIY. Made some hanging mirrors. No biggie.’

We got in touch with DIY experts and bloggers, Lisalou and Guillaume from Mamie Boude, to show you how to transform our glorious hexagonal mirrors into a hanging masterpiece. Over to you, Lisa Lou.

Here I present a hanging mirrors DIY tutorial. Spoiler Alert: it’s a piece of cake! I couldn’t resist these hexagonal smoked mirrors from Urban Outfitters and wanted to make them into more of a feature in my new apartment by having them hanging like little jewels – the perfect decorative accessory. I love wall art and this is an easy, yet aesthetically pleasing way to spruce up your bare walls.

Follow my steps and add effortless, bohemian vibes to your place.

To suspend these mirrors you need:

A hexagonal mirror
A painted wooden ring
Wooden beads (1.5cm diameter with a 3/4mm wide hole)
Brass tubes (8mm diameter)
Cotton rope (1x150cm and 4x60cm)

1. Make a loop around the mirror

2. Tighten and add four beads

3. Put the strands through the ring

4. Make a flat knot

5. Continue until you reach the beads and finish with a double knot

6. Bring down the two strands and secure at the bottom

7. Join the two strands together and make a simple knot

You can vary these however you like – add more rope, more beads and even add some colour. Get creative!