July 27, 2015

Way Out West festival is looming and we’re eagerly awaiting our flight to Gothenburg in Sweden, the capital of Swedish music. With an incredible line-up, stunning lake-side views, and the promise of hours of dancing, after-parties and exclusive sets, we couldn’t be more excited. Ahead of the festival, we caught up with Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo on hippie school, her debut album, and festival experiences.

UO: How are you feeling about playing Way out West?

VERY EXCITED!! I’ve had a lot of fun there in the past and it’s something magical about playing the big festivals in your home country.

UO: Who else on the line-up are you excited to see play?

Maaany: Years&Years, Ellie Goulding, Urban Cone, FKA Twigs, Maja Francis… to name but a few.

UO: Can you tell us a little about your background growing up in Stockholm and how you got into music?

I grew up around 20 mins outside of Stockholm, with my parents, brother and a labrador.. it was all very safe and sound. The only way I got hurt or into trouble was if caused by myself, haha. I always loved to write but I didn’t start singing until later in my teens. I started this hippie music high school that really changed everything for me. That’s when I realised there was nothing else I could even consider doing.

UO: How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Like DIRTY POP. Raw, with a lot of emotion that you should dance to when you’re in pain. Every song is very personal to me.

UO: From what we’ve read, your debut album Queen of the Clouds is a very autobiographical album; is it scary to lay it all out on the table or is it more about liberation for you?

It’s liberation writing it and scary as fuck sharing my most vulnerable states with anybody who wants to listen. I’m just very open as a person and it can be both very good and bad for me.

UO: Is there a big difference for you between playing festivals, gigs and arenas? Do you have a preference?

Festivals are awesooome!! The whole vibe, so much good music to be inspired by, you meet old and new fans, you make a lot of new friends with bands and artists doing the same run as you.. It’s great. The gigs I love cause it’s a very intimate experience with fans that know my whole album.. it makes me very sentimental. The arena stuff I’ve done hasen’t been my own shows, so it becomes more like a “dreaming of this one day” kind of thing. It’s a great inspiration!

UO: What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Releasing my first album: such a BIG feeling!! Aaand the festival tour I’ve been on. I can’t believe the size of the crowds we’ve had. AMAZING.

UO: What else does the summer hold for you?

Festivals, some beach hang and some song writing! I’m also planning my upcoming tour!!