July 14, 2015

Berlin has become a Mecca for urban explorers, mainly because they do urban decay so damn well. A city that boasts an array of abandoned buildings and spaces; it is a contradiction between dereliction and gentrification. From abandoned factories to theme parks, power stations and hospitals, it can be difficult to know where to explore first.

Luckily for us, photographer and blogger Molly Baber, has a nose for adventure. Armed with camera and curiosity, she headed out to explore the abandoned children’s hospital, Weissensee.

The abandoned kinderkrankenhaus (say what) is a hotspot for tourists, intrigued travellers and plenty of squatters. It’s a building in desperate need of some TLC with its broken windows, graffiti splattered walls and rubble filled hallways.

The gate to the site is often unlocked and practically invites you in. Not only that but it’s super easy to access via bike, or simply take the M4 from Alexanderplatz and get off at Buschallee/Hansatrasse.

Built during the Prussia era in 1908 to help combat rising infant mortality rates, the hospital was made complete with a tranquil park, milk production facilities, and even a cowshed. It doesn’t get much more idyllic than a cowshed.

However, after 85 and a half long, prosperous years, the hospital was shut down. It has since been abandoned and left to fall into a state of decay, despite being bought up by investors who were said to be planning on turning the site into a cancer treatment centre. Nothing materialised and in 2014 after a series of court battles, the hospital was given back to the city. It is now rumoured that the council is planning to build, you guessed it, luxury apartments.

So equip yourself with camera, snacks and a reliable partner in crime and head out to take a look around this incredible building for yourself. You never know when opportunistic property sharks will snap it up, and all that’s left will be a towerblock of gleaming luxury flats.

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