August 5, 2015

Way Out West festival is looming and we’re eagerly awaiting our flight to Gothenburg in Sweden, the capital of Swedish music. With an incredible line-up, stunning lake-side views, and the promise of hours of dancing, after-parties and exclusive sets, we couldn’t be more excited.

Ahead of the festival, we caught up with singer-songwriter Rae Morris on her debut album, playing festivals and what else is going on in 2015.

UO: How are you feeling about Way out West?

I’m very much looking forward to it. It will be my first ever show in Sweden!

UO: How does it compare playing festivals to gigs in smaller spaces? Do you have a preference?

Headline shows and festivals are always so different. I find festivals a little more like being the support artist on a tour with another band. You kind of need to win over the audience as they’re not necessarily there to see you play; they might have stumbled upon you by chance! There’s a real thrill with that. I enjoy the challenge!

UO: How have things changed for you since the release of your debut album, Unguarded at the beginning of the year?

I feel very inspired by the reaction to Unguarded and the opportunities that releasing an album have brought forward. I have been playing some truly lovely gigs and seeing people sing back the words to my songs is the most wonderful feeling.

UO: Your album is based on a lot of personal experiences and emotions – is it scary to write songs about things so close to your chest or is it liberating?

To be honest it’s something that comes very naturally to me, to write very honestly. I think I would struggle not to.

UO: You’ve worked with and toured with a range of amazing bands including Bombay Bicycle Club, Clean Bandit, George Ezra. What’s been the most memorable experience for you?

The first UK tour I did with Bombay really did change my life! I will always be so thankful for the opportunities they gave me. Playing the other stage at Glastonbury with them last year was also an incredible experience.

UO: What kind of music did you listen to when growing up?

I mostly listened to the radio as my parents would always have Radio 2 blasting in every room of the house. Then I was exposed to my Dad’s taste, bands such as Steely Dan and The Who.

UO: If you feel creatively blocked, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

I usually find just having a little rest opens my mind again. A day in the countryside inspires me to look at the bigger picture and regain perspective. Also going to the cinema or reading a great book brings back interesting words and colours!

UO: Who else are you excited to see at Way out West?

I really hope to see Ibeyi as I am yet to see them live. As well as Aurora who is the loveliest girl – I met her in Bergen a few months ago! It would feel strange not to see Patti Smith if we’re playing the same festival, and having a dance to Nile Rodgers would be pretty great!

UO: What does the rest of 2015 have in store for you?

I will be continuing to tour right up until after my October UK tour and then I hope to spend the last part of the year focusing on the next album!

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