July 22, 2015

Welcome to the life of Ida May, 1 Rebel trainer, freelance dancer, choreographer, model, actress, fitness and yoga instructor. Phew. With so much going on, Sunday could be her Tuesday and Monday could be her Friday. We catch up with Ida on morning routines, how she keeps fit and weekend indulgences.

UO: What’s your morning routine?

I don’t have one! Everyday is different and I don’t like to get stuck with routines. If am waking up to an alarm clock, a 5min snooze is inevitable followed by a quick jump in the shower and hot lemon water to set me up for the day. Then I might be off to teach or train an early morning class or maybe have an early call time for a shoot I am doing that day. Or maybe I will have my first casting at 10AM so can actually have a slow start for the day and enjoy homemade breakfast. Avocados, eggs, black coffee. Fresh green juice. Yes. I love breakfast.

UO: What’s your favourite thing to eat for breakfast on a weekday?

Eggs. Avocado, and everything green. Nuts. Or whatever they serve at Cream in Shoreditch that day.

UO: Do you have any weekend indulgences?

I do love a good banana bread, whether it’s the weekend or not. And chocolate. Dark and raw.

UO: What quick and easy exercises would you recommend for doing at home in your living room?

I love a couple of quick sun salutations to warm and open the body up, followed by three point tripcep press-up into head to knee curl combo. Turn from there into good old side plank and finish off with the bicycle abs. Don’t need much room, nor all day to do this. By the way, have you ever thought that a one hour work out is only 4% of your day?

UO: What’s your favourite class at 1Rebel?

I love a good doubleshot! Best of both worlds.

UO: How do you like to relax in the evening?

Chilling with friends, good food and a cup of green tea or a glass of wine. My friend has a special grill and he sometimes comes over and makes the most amazing octopus takoyakis for us! That’s special.

UO: Where’s your favourite place to go of a weekend with friends?

I love a trip out from London. A few days by the sea or maybe a train to Paris. Or if I’m in London, being from the East, a stroll through Broadway Market and flowers from Columbian Road makes the weekend.

UO: How do you like to stay healthy?

Do everything that makes you feel good – inside and out. Simple.