July 10, 2015
Sea Lion

Sea Lions aren’t known for their subtlety. Mostly, they’ve made their name as the EDM artistes of the animal kingdom; famous for clapping and barking at crowds of appreciative tourists but lacking in the substance or panache of, for example, penguins or whales. But maybe that’s about to change.

Gothenburg songwriter Linn Osterberg, who goes by the name Sea Lion, has been recording her beautiful low-fi ambient tunes from her bedroom since 2011. Drawing influence from early Cat Power and Mazzy Star, her whispered songs draw you in with delicate construction, intimate vocals and spellbinding distorted guitars.

Her debut album Desolate Stars, which builds on the space-inspired folk of her first EP Big Moon, is at once gentle and devastating, a work of consummate atmosphere perfect for tender mornings and bruised ears. Give it a listen here.

Desolate Stars is released on the 28th August 2015 on Turnstile.