September 8, 2012

It’s not every day you get to rock up to somebody else’s living room to watch some of the city’s hottest musical talent. But rock up we did, at last week’s awesomely intimate Sofar Sounds gig. Bottle of red in hand, we joined the 60 or so other guests sitting on the floor and waited for the show to start.


For anyone not familiar with Sofar, they are an international movement who create pop-up gigs in people’s houses (with their permission, naturally). The vibe is relaxed and the talent phenomenal. All the organisers ask is that guests don’t speak during performances and, if they like the music, they spread the word about the artists. So here we are, never shy to shout about stuff we like.

First on was the folksy sweetness of Maria Byrne & The Broken String. Think The Byrds, Woodstock and Joni Mitchell. Very catchy, very folksy, very sweet, it’ll make you want to jump in a VW campervan and head to the country.

Then came To Kill a King. These guys are the real deal: thoughtful lyrics, punchy choruses and simply stunning songs held together by multi-layered harmonies. If you haven’t already, get on Spotify and give ‘em a listen.

Jay Brown was up next, just her guitar and a cellist to support her amazing voice. Check it out for yourself – the gal’s got soul!

The barmy brilliance of Peter and Kerry wrapped the evening up for us. They started working together ‘as an impulsive side project’ after becoming close friends. Now it seems they haven’t looked back. There was a real unpredictable edge to their set, after not having had the chance to practice the stripped down sound necessary for somebody’s living room!

So, Sofar did it for us. It’s so refreshing to see a gig right up close to the band, where there’s no room for swagger or posers, where respect is mutual and talent rules. These artists are quality. And at a gig like Sofar, it really is all about the music.