July 22, 2015

French sisters Anne and Marie, the founders of Rue Nouvelle are two artistic souls living in Munich with an eye for all things creative. They specialise in everything from photography to graphic design. You name it, they’re on it. We spoke with Anne and Marie to find out more about their inspirations, creating GIFs and erm, Justin Bieber…

UO: Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself. How and why did you decide to found Rue Nouvelle?

Hello! We’re sisters and although we live in Munich we are actually French. I am 25 and I studied photography at the Blocher School here in Munich while my sister Anne is 22 and studies Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We both have our own unique style of photography and graphic design, but we decided to create a shared portfolio that combines our work. It was important for both of us to start a personal project to get away from the daily grind of university / work. Why not combine several creative directions such as photography, graphic design, video, film and music? These are the things that inspire us.

We live life with open eyes and it is the world around us that inspires us every day. Hence the name, ‘Rue Nouvelle’

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UO: Who are the two good-looking girls in the photos and how do you know each other?

The two girls are called Charlie and Salome. We knew them both because we have photographed them for the blog already. We immediately thought of them for this editorial shoot.

UO: Marie, when did you realise you were interested in photography and which equipment do you use?

I have loved photography since I was a child. My first camera was a small Polaroid which I received when I was 10 years old. I have always felt inspired to be creative. Whether it is fashion, furniture, people, the environment, I am always feeling creatively inspired to a lesser or greater degree. With photography, you learn to see the beauty of things, which others might overlook. Especially working in fashion, it`s more important to me to unveil a model`s character rather than focusing on a pretty dress.

About four years ago I met Andreas Hosch, the renowned fashion photographer and for me that was the moment when I knew I really wanted to dedicate my life to photography. He inspired me enormously as a person and as an artist and most importantly: he motivated me to want to achieve something in a creative job.

I currently use the Canon 6D, and almost always with a fixed focus lens (50mm)

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UO: Anne, what inspires you about typography and do you have a favourite font?

From the beginning, typography has always excited me. Perhaps this is because I have a very supportive tutor at University who encouraged me to really go for it.

With typography, it isn’t just about the words, but about the font you choose and how that fits in with the image. It’s an important thing to bear in mind and I’m always thinking about this in my work.

I couldn’t say what my favourite font is at the moment! I like very classic Serif fonts like ‘Baskerville’ ‘Garamond’ or ‘Bodoni’. For other projects I use lots of modern fonts like ‘Futura’ my favourite ‘Helvetica’ or ‘Brown’. There are an endless amount of nice fonts and I discover new ones every day.

UO: We really like the GIFs you sent us. Can you give us a few tips so we can make them too?

Our GIFs are a team effort! Anne creates the images of Marie afterwards as moving images. A cool GIF is made using just two images. It’s really easy to make GIFs on Photoshop using the ‘timeline’. You inset an image and you can choose how quickly it flicks from one image to the other. It’s really fun and is ultimately the easiest technique to create a ‘mini-movie’.

UO: Do you currently have a dream project? Is there someone you really want to work with?

As we mentioned before, we’d love to bring together lots of different creative fields. Our dream project would be creating a print version of Rue Nouvelle in the form of a magazine. Maybe we could make an exhibition that would bring together a range of art forms like film, music, photography etc

We are open to working with lots of different people and of course, it would be a dream of ours to appeal to a band such as SOHN or a label like Comme des Garcons.

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UO: How important is design for you? What would you do if the nicest, smartest and funniest man in the world wrote you a love letter in Comic Sans? Could you turn a blind eye?

Design is how I express myself. It is a medium, for which there are an endless amount of opportunities to share your ‘message’. Both the content and the design are important to me. But if Justin Bieber wants to contact me and use Comic Sans, then that’s fine by me. Haha.

UO: We have kept the most important question for last. Marie, which colour would Anne be if she wasn’t a graphic designer but a Power Ranger? Marie, the same question for Anne.

We both have a soft spot for colours so we’d definitely both be black.